ZFE in Toulouse.  Automated radar checks postponed: here are the expected fines

ZFE in Toulouse. Automated radar checks postponed: here are the expected fines

Automated checks have been delayed for a year… But they will come into effect from 2024. (©Toulouse News / Illustration)

Implemented from March 2022 in Toulouse to reduce air pollution, mobility low emission zone (ZFE-m) will be equipped automated checks. Originally planned for 2023, the government announced on Tuesday 25 October 2022 that the measure would be delayed by a year.

In Toulouse,” 430,000 people will eventually breathe better quality air. 8,000 people live permanently with pollution thresholds above the norm. They will see how the air quality will improve”, he recalled in February 2022 about the benefits of ZFE in terms of public health, Francois Chollet, Vice President of Toulouse Métropole in charge of ecology. So it is necessary to ensure EPZ effectiveness that the government intends to introduce automated checks and sanctions.

ZFE, which is still unknown to the general public, could therefore become a much more explosive topic in the coming months when the sanctions become a reality.

Control “from the second half of 2024”

Because to carry out these controls the government intends to introduce a system of “control sanctions” through radars equipped with cameras enabling automated table reading.

“It will enter into force from the second half of 2024”he hinted Christophe Bechu, Minister for Ecological Transformation and Territorial Cohesion, following the first ministerial committee for ZFE-m, which brought together representatives of the territory and the government. until 2025 all agglomerations over 150,000 inhabitants will have to set up these zones, the aim of which is to gradually ban the most polluting vehicles, he also specified.

If the penalty risk is almost zero at this point, from mid-2024, it will be better to be in good condition when circulating inside the ZFE, since these checks will therefore be carried out by automatic label reading. in Toulouse, “Sixty fixed cameras will be deployed to carry out these checks.”recently reminded François Chollet.

Fine from 68 euros to 135 euros

What do the perpetrators risk? On Tuesday, Christophe Béchu initially announced that these fines would be “theoretically class 4”, i.e. a maximum of 750 euros. An amount that was enough to make many a motorist sweat!

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But in the meantime, information has been corrected Ministry of Ecological Transformation. In case of non-compliance with the ZFE, motorists will be exposed fixed fine of 3rd classIt is 68 euros for light vehicles and light commercial vehicles a 135 euros for heavyweights.

Who will it affect?

Remember that the establishment of ZFE-m is gradual. We remind you that its perimeter includes all of Toulouse within the ring road plus a small part of Colomiers and Tournefeuille, i.e. a perimeter of 72 km².

The following can no longer circulate in ZFE:

  • from 1ahem March 2022 : vans, vans and heavy trucks Crit’air 5 sticker and unclassified
  • from 1ahem September 2022 : the same Crit’air 4 certified commercial vehicles and trucks

It is no longer possible to circulate in ZFE:

  • from 1ahem January 2023 : all motor vehicles certified Crit’air 4, 5 and unclassified
  • from 1ahem January 2024 : all motor vehicles up to Crit’air 3. On this date, only Crit’air 2, 1 certified vehicles and electric or hydrogen vehicles will be allowed in the zone.

According to Toulouse Métropole estimates, 47,000 vehicles could thus be banned from operation from 1ahem January 2024.

Affected vehicles.
Affected vehicles. (©DR)

Assistance with the exchange of vehicles

This Tuesday, Christophe Béchu also recalled the incentives introduced by the government to support households that have to change vehicles due to the implementation of these ZFEs.

and ecological bonus increases from 6,000 to 7,000 euros “for the most modest households”. The conversion bonus, which can expect 5,000 euros for the purchase of a new or used electric or hybrid vehicle. Two gadgets that can be combined. The news also announced: introduction of surcharge up to 1,000 euros for all residents of the ZFE and for people working in these areas.

The risk of the “yellow vest phenomenon”

But will these facilities be sufficient to make the measure socially acceptable? “We all remember how the yellow vest crisis was launched in November 2018,” recalled the mayor (LR) of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc in September at the time of the presentation of the elected district.

This Tuesday, the warning was repeated again with our colleagues from World. There is a “risk”, warned Jean-Luc Moudenc, also the first vice-president of France Urbaine (the structure that unites the French capitals): “ This is the phenomenon of the “yellow vests” encoreabout a new confrontation between social logic and ecological logic’.

“Nik the ZFE”

Concerns are not limited to elected officials, as many user associations or organizations have voiced their concerns in recent months. Remember that in Toulouse, despite the help and the exceptions that exist, demonstration against EPZ it was already organized by motorists’ associations in the past months.

Early October 2022 movement ‘anti-ZFE’ reached a milestone when three vehicles of the city of Toulouse were deliberately set on fire in the Côte Pavée district. At the scene, the police found a tag with flowery language: “Nik the ZFE”. Proof, if any were needed, that ZFE application makes some teeth cringe…

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