Yvelines.  In Les Mureaux, Les Franglaises take over Cosec on October 29

Yvelines. In Les Mureaux, Les Franglaises take over Cosec on October 29

The thirty members of the group will give their all to let the public into their universe. (© Kobayashi)

Michel Fils-de-Jacques, Les Scarabées or Les Filles Épices, does that tell you something? These are the French versions of Michael Jackson, the Beatles or the Spice Girls invented by the Franglaises group.

Their musical show, awarded the Molière in 2015, offers, in their own words, “translations of the great hits of the English repertoire in the most absurd way possible! »

The performance will take place on the evening of Saturday, October 29, at Cosec Pablo-Neruda.

“Almost Broadway”

Musical comedy, cabaret, cinema and theatre. Les Franglaises use the codes of these different genres to better deflect them.

Their touch of madness captivated the Canadian festival audience Just for fun in 2016 or the Paris theater Bobino the same year then 2019. On various sets he lost almost 170 kg, if we are to believe the teasing artists.

The group even offered themselves the luxury of performing on stage Olympia in 2015. In total, nearly 500,000 spectators enjoyed the show during one of 850 international performances of this “American but French-style show”, during which the audience will find themselves “almost on Broadway”.

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These perpetual comings and goings between the two cultures underpin the group’s work, which aims to question “our relationship to Anglo-Saxon language and culture”.

After 13 years on tour in the four corners of the world, you’d think the show would run out of steam. No. Les Franglaises keep reinventing themselves.

“It has to do with our way of working and the elastic format of the show, where all the arts can intermingle,” they explain.

It is regularly enriched by new performers with different talents and new instruments. New translations are unanimously voted on by the ensemble members according to their wish to interpret them on stage.

This “small village of independent artist-craftsmen” will therefore offer a completely new performance to the Muriatsian audience.

Les Franglaises show on Saturday 29 October at 20:30 at Cosec Pablo-Neruda (rue Salvador Allende). Prices: from €13 to €30. Online ticket sales. Information on 01 30 91 24 30.

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