You have one month to comment on the wind project near Bosc-le-Hard

You have one month to comment on the wind project near Bosc-le-Hard

From October 3, you will be able to comment on the Bois de la Londe wind farm project. (© Illustration photo)

Five is a numberwind turbines plans to establish a wind turbine manufacturing company in the nearby towns of Bracquetuit and Étaimpuis Bosc-le-Hard (Seine Maritime). A project that is struggling to pass with some residents and elected officials.

The Étaimpuis collective environment was also created last October. And members of the latter continue to take action to make their voices heard.

Mobilization continues

We have been working on the file since December. We have prepared a file containing all our questions and concerns about the project, which we are going to present to the investigating commissioner on one of the hotlines.

Delphine LebourgChairman of the environmental collective Etaimpuis

And to continue: “Today we will also discuss with the investigating commissioner to inform him about the inconvenience this project could cause. Note that for some time now seven wind turbines have been installed in La Houssaye-Béranger, just 3.5 km from us. In addition to those already present and planned, it is starting to get scary. »

To encourage affected residents to express their opinion and comment on the topic, “we started handing out leaflets”, adds Delphine Lebourg.

And at the beginning of the year, the elected representatives of Bosc-le-Hard expressed their opinion on the subject. If they are not against wind turbines, the latter believe that “there are too many in a small sector”.

Browse the file

However, the project continues. From October 3 to November 3 a public survey in connection with the application for an environmental permit for the purpose of establishing and operating a wind farm.

Five hot lines

In addition, the investigating commissioner will provide five regulars at the town hall. Monday October 3rd from 2pm to 5pm in Bracquetuit, Tuesday October 11th from 4pm to 7pm in Étaimpuis, Tuesday October 18th from 8.30am to 11.30am in Grigneuseville, Wednesday October 26th from 9am to noon and le -Hard Thursday 3rd November from 2pm to 5pm in Bracquetuit. Objective: to obtain comments from the public.

During this period you will therefore be able to consult the complete environmental permit application file at Bracquetuit town hall, the seat of the investigation, as well as at Étaimpuis, Grigneuseville and Bosc-le-Hard town halls.

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Measuring mast

And a wind measuring mast will be installed by October 15. Pascal Vallée, the mayor of Bracquetuit, is delighted with “the future location because it is a project that dates back several years, which started even before I took the role of mayor. And these wind turbines will bring a financial advantage to our municipality, which will be able to afford to implement new projects”.

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