Women’s soccer: Léa Crouzet, originally from Aillas, plays in D2 and has big ambitions

Women’s soccer: Léa Crouzet, originally from Aillas, plays in D2 and has big ambitions

Léa Crouzet with her gold medal from the European University Championships. Now at Yzeure in the second division, the young girl originally from Aillas (Gironde) has big ambitions. (©private collection / Léa Crouzet)

At 22, Léa Crouzet is part of it the next generation of women’s football. Originally from Aillas (Gironde), he now wears the colors of Yzeure in the second division. And dreams to go even higher. Today, the one who won the European University Championship this summer does not forbid anything.

It was at the age of 5 that Léa Crouzet started playing football, first with a license at the Aillas football club. Sport is a family affair for the Crouzet womenbecause the person who introduced her to football was her grandmother Monique:

When I was little, my grandmother often looked after me because my parents worked in gastronomy. As loyal fans, we went every Sunday to watch my uncle play matches with his team. And when we were both together, she looked after me, we went to play football at the Aillas stadium.

Lea Crouzetfootball player

Seeing that the little girl loved this sport, her parents enrolled her at the age of 5 in the Aillas club and she stayed there until she was 11.

“My first coach told my father that I was made for it and that I had potential. That’s when the whole family started to take Léa’s passion seriously. Then there is seen entering the Montesquieu Football Club where he will train for two years. It was at the age of 12-13 in this amateur club that had potential and where Léa progressed when she realized that football, her passion, could become a profession. “I found my way,” she says. That’s what I wanted to do with my life.”

Regional Selections and Intermediate Areas in Clairefontaine

In 2014, the Montesquieu Football Club organizes the international tournament Gravs’Cup, which allows Léa to play his first matches against professional clubs. There he also meets the first girl passionate about football, Laura Jolivet, assistant to his coach. “She played at a good level, I took her as an example, I’ve never met a girl who played football. »

She then changed clubs and went to play for La Brède during her university years. Her father, a loyal supporter, travels several times a week between Aillas and the Bordeaux region so that Léa can go to train. It is in the La Brède club that he will play his last matches in mixed teams. In parallel, goes through regional selections to create a women’s team made up of the best players in the Aquitaine region and compete in the inter-regionals in Clairfontaine, the home of the French team.

Léa Crouzet takes it step by step

In the same year, “I was contacted by the best women’s amateur football club in the Gironde, Mérignac Arlac”. She leaves the South-Gironde to become a trainee at the Lycée Daguin in Mérignac in the sports section. Things are starting to get stronger for Léa as training is now daily.

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I play qualifying matches for the French UNSS championship with the Daguin high school team and on the weekends I play matches with the Mérignac Arlac team.

Lea Crouzet

In 2016, finally is spotted by the Girondins de Bordeaux club go play national U19. He will stay there for three years. “For the last two years in the U19s in the Girondins, I joined the Girondins professional group for training and a few friendly matches. I was in another world, I trained alongside international players, I learned a lot from them. I was living a waking dream. »

New ambitions lead Léa to change clubs and to return to play with his favorite club Mérignac-Arlac. She joined the senior girls team (R1). The team finished in first place in the regional championship, which led the club to move to D2 in 2020. Unfortunately, however, it fell back to R1 the following season.

“I would like to reach the highest level”

When the young athlete entered senior school, she was contacted by Amaury Delerue, Ligue 1 official referee and coach of the women’s football team at the University of Bordeaux, to participate in various university football competitions at the ages of 8 and 11. futsal.

After participating in the qualifying matches to participate in the French university championship, the women’s team from the University of Bordeaux won the university football championship twice and the football championship once. The French university football champions qualify for the European university championship in 8. The result: Last July, Léa went with her team to Lotz, Poland, to represent France. And guess what? His team will win the championship.

So Lea is she qualified with her teammates for the University World Cup, which will be held at the end of 2023 in China. The French team will compete again at the 2023 European University Championships in Albania.

Spotted by clubs 2E division

In 2022, Léa is spotted by various second division clubs. After many weeks of deliberation, Aillassaise seizes the opportunity to integrate promising women’s football club Yzeure, in Allier. New projects are offered to Léa.

Therefore, she leaves her everyday life and her comfort zone to advance and achieve her ambitions. The training sessions are more intense and professionalized, facing soccer players playing in international clubs. His current coach is none other than the former captain of the French team, Ophélie Meilleroux. “She knew a high level of football, she teaches us football in a different way, she makes us grow as players. »

Léa has a promising future and is giving herself the means to fulfill her ambitions. ” I would like get to a professional level, reach the highest level in France and why not play for a foreign club. »

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