With less night lighting, La Ferté-Bernard wants to save €64,000 in 2023

With less night lighting, La Ferté-Bernard wants to save €64,000 in 2023

After All Saints’ Day, La Ferté-Bernard will no longer shine brightly all night. Strategic points will be illuminated, but others will remain in darkness from 11pm to 5am. ©File Photo – Enzo Trouillet

Village La Ferte-Bernard decided to turn off public lighting at night in the summer. Total black, which in the name of security somewhat unsettled the inhabitants of the city. Pushing the city into seclusion.

We decided to run the experiment from July 20th to August 31st, the period when the days are longest, to keep the lighting on strategic points but cut it off on everything else.

Didier Reveau, Mayor of La Ferté-Bernard

“But it was really dark, so we decided to light up a few points in the center and the entrances to the city again. »

A convincing summer experiment

And according to the city council, he took it well, because the results, even in a short time, are convincing. Over the same period, in 2021, La Ferté-Bernard consumed 328,000 kWh compared to 71,000 in 2022.

“This represents 78%. power consumption saved”, supports the mayor. Who acknowledges: “The economic and financial need forces us to react, but there is above all the will to act.” to be more sober in our consumption. »

950 bulbs to replace with LEDs

This is a light bulb replacement LEDs. A reflection has already been started on this topic, which assumes 950 bulbs to replace in three slices.

“We also invested €15,000 in a clock system that allows two municipal electricians to regulate 60 substations that supply nearly 3,000 light points. »

“Less lighting after All Saints”

If the dozen posts do not move – those relating to the center and the entrances to La Ferté-Bernard – the others will allow the light to be interrupted from 11pm to 5am, after All Saints.

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“Then we’ll adjust to the weather. Similarly, some points may be switched off from 22:30. We will see with use and practice. »

A saving of 65,000 euros?

With these advances by 2023, Didier Reveau hopes save almost 65,000 euros compared to the 2021 energy bill for more than one million kilowatt-hours of public lighting consumed. “In a pragmatic and Cartesian approach, we can think that we are approaching a 40% saving in consumption. »

But in economic terms, the saving is reduced to 22%. “At the end of 2021, we had to extend the contracts and the new contracts are increasing by 30%. In 2021, we spent 213,000 euros on lighting. In 2023, according to our calculations, we should pay 170,000 euros. But if we did nothing, the bill would be around €277,000. »

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