Wind turbines: residents vote against the establishment near Bacqueville-en-Caux

Wind turbines: residents vote against the establishment near Bacqueville-en-Caux

In Thil-Manneville (Seine-Maritime) on Sunday, September 18, 2022, more than 200 people expressed themselves in polls to vote for or against the installation of wind turbines. (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

RWE plans to establish several of them wind turbines in the villagesAuppegard az Thil-Manneville (Seine-Maritime). It is not a joint project for the two villages and the municipality of Thil-Manneville wishes above all to maintain its independence.

and wind project also caused the wind of wrath. In the process, an anti-wind collective was created and approached the association Libre Horizon of Bacqueville-en-Caux to use more support.

Against the installation of wind turbines

A petition was circulated from house to house and Mayor Arnaud Adam received the results a few weeks ago. A total of 230 signatories vetoed the project. In order to advance further in transparency and officially speed up the pulse with the residents, the municipal council decided to hold a referendum.

A remedy is quite rare, but possible. Voting took place on Sunday, September 18. Of the 478 voters in the village, 207 went on the road and expressed their opinion at the ballot box.

The question was: “Are you for or against a project to install wind turbines? “. The result of the vote: 173 voted against and 28 for, and the rest voted for void or void.

In the near future, the village council will meet to evaluate and discuss the matter. Will elected officials follow the majority opinion? For now, the mayor wishes to give free rein to democracy and does not comment on the topic:

“First of all, we wanted to consult the population. Within the municipal council, everyone will also have their say and we will take all of this into account. »

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