Why should we stop eating chocolate for a month?  – Lasanteauquotidien.com

Why should we stop eating chocolate for a month? – Lasanteauquotidien.com

Why should we stop eating chocolate for a month?

Chocolate can be just as addictive as sugar. Its benefits are known, but in excess it can cause health problems. According to some experts, quitting for a month can even have beneficial effects. We are taking inventory.

Fewer mood swings

and magnesium the content in chocolate is known to contribute to a good mood and help us find a smile in the face of depression. But the sweeter it is, the more it risks causing mood swings and makes you irritable. Sugar, which saps our energy, can “trigger mood swings, food cravings and other unhealthy behaviors,” according to nutritionist Jay Cowin in Eat This Not That.

To sleep better

As contains caffeine, chocolate contributes to us losing sleep, but it also contributes to the anxiety game. So many reasons not to eat it before bed. By stopping for a month, you will regain better sleep quality and feel more relaxed.

To be healthy

Avoid chocolate for a month prevents liver problems and helps reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. However, you may get a headache, as you often do when you start to go without addictive products.

Plus, “the sweeter the chocolate, the more consequences it can have and lead to heartburn or acid reflux,” says Danielle McAvoy. So if you stop it for a month, you may have less digestive problems. Being acidic, chocolate promotes and aggravates heartburn and gastric reflux.

Lose weight

Obviously, if you stop eating chocolate for a month to lose weight, you still need to eat a balanced diet. According to Danielle McAvoy, “cutting back on added sugars can help you lose weight and improve your overall health.”

Well, unless you really can’t live without it, know that chocolate can be good for your health, but it has to be 70% black or more. However, expect it to be much more bitter.

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