Why is the deconstruction of the Hotel Princey in Salins-les-Bains being investigated?

Why is the deconstruction of the Hotel Princey in Salins-les-Bains being investigated?

In Salins-les-Bains, the Princey Hotel is part of a deconstruction project. (© Voice of the Jura)

Three years have now passed since the future of the so-calledPrincey Island in Salins les Bains occupy successive villages. Born under mandate Gilles Bedermayor of the city from 2014 to 2020, a restructuring project focused on the deconstruction of buildings that were originally presented as being in a state where their rehabilitation was too expensive or even impossible.

The initial thought was create a parking lot by destroying part of the buildings, strengthen the remaining buildings and build a slope that leads several meters down. A commitment regarding parking spaces was concluded with the buyers of the former Monastery of the Visitation.

A failed project

This restructuring is part of a broader vision that also concerns the fate of the former Visitation Monastery, now converted into furnished tourist accommodation. And on a wider scale, in the revitalization of the city center of Salinois. Taken over Michel Cetreelected mayor in 2020, the project is accelerating, long-term delays mainly due to the search for funding and studies necessary for the technical implementation of the deconstruction.

Opposition politicians disagree

Michael Bugada, the opposition town councilor in Salins-les-Bains, has always campaigned against the project, emphasizing heritage reasons in particular. In January 2022, he confirmed his analysis in an interview with Voix du Jura.

“On the islet, at number 39, is the house of the writer Pierre Choderlos de Laclose, author of “Dangerous Liaisons”. The first masonic lodge in France was established here. There are cellars from the 15th century. It is an extraordinary legacy. The demolition will jeopardize the UNESCO allocation. We alerted Unesco, Drac, the prefect, the Regional Chamber of Accounts”.

Michael BugadaOpposition councilor in Salins-les-Bains.

Need to close the project

In July 2022, respond again to warnings from Michael Bugada, Michel Cetre He insisted “There is already a purchase agreement that binds us. Today we try to manage the file as best we can. We saved everything we could save”.

The city council then came out in favor of a demolition permit for 49b Hôtel Princey. On the basis of a structural study, the mayor then stated that the cost of strengthening and renovating the city’s representative building would amount to 1,200,000 euros. Costs considered disproportionate for municipal finances.

UNESCO designation in danger?

During the same reflection, Michel Bugada was outraged: “You will destroy the entire history of Salins with a magic wand”he said.

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At the last meeting of the city council on Monday, September 19, 2022 Michel Cetre stated that he had been contacted by civil services to do specific study to find out whether the demolitionHotel Princey could be detrimental to maintaining the UNESCO designation.

A large saline solution was actually registered world heritage of humanityé in 2009. Among the criteria for awarding the contract is the mention: “offer an exceptional example of a building type or architectural or technological ensemble or landscape illustrating one or more significant periods of human history (source whc.unesco.org/fr).

An element of the assessment could thus be the architectural heritage of the city as a whole. Civil services study will decide.

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