Why are three water tanks being installed in this small village in Lauragais

Why are three water tanks being installed in this small village in Lauragais

Installation of one of three firefighting tanks. (©Odile Durand – Voice of the South Lauragais)

They gradually appear in the landscape of Trébons-sur-la-Grasse and perhaps raise questions about their usefulness. Three 30 m tanks3 are set up in various places in this small village of almost 500 inhabitants.

These water supplies will henceforth be an integral part of the targeted system protect homes is located in several city districts in case of fire.

Tanks compensating for the absence of fire hydrants

The mayor of each municipality has the duty to ensure the existence, abundance and availability of water resources within the so-called Fight fires.

HAS Třeboň-sur-la-Grasse, this inventory of risks and risk areas was carried out by the Haute-Garonne Fire Rescue Department. However, the city’s water network is very inadequate, there is no possibility of setting up fire hydrants.

Where are these water supplies located?

After analyzing the risks, proposals were therefore created with the aim of improving external protection against fires at the level of the municipality. The adopted solution consists in the installation of these three water supplies 30 m apart3 level places called “Casselamour” and “La Tuilerie” but also on instead of elders.

The price of this work is €98,000 without tax. To finance this amount, the municipality will use a subsidy from the state and the council of the department, each up to 30% (29,400 EUR) of the total amount of the operation. The remainder due to the municipality therefore amounts to EUR 39,200..

Odile Durand

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