Who is Albertine’s son who didn’t report his mother’s death for 10 years?

Who is Albertine’s son who didn’t report his mother’s death for 10 years?

The vegetation on the gate indicates the state of the house, abandoned for almost 10 years. © Le Perche

Almost three weeks after the body was found in the home of Albertine Haye in Bretoncelles (Orne)All talk turns to son and daughter-in-law village figures of the summer.

A few hours after this gruesome discovery_which analysis of the remains of the bones will undoubtedly reveal that it is indeed‘Albertine Haye_son, Mauritius*, admitted to investigators that he was aware of his mother’s death. On the other hand, he did not give more details about the exact date of his discovery or the reason for this terrible omission.

The former craftsman is now 72 years old, Maurice is a town figure with his wife Patricia*, a former saleswoman. “We never had a fault with either of them. They always served,” a former elected official tells us, who at the time never went a week without meeting with them.

From Santa to a heartless monster

In terms of family, Maurice had a brother with whom he had few ties for many years. The septuagenarian, based in the neighboring village of Bretoncelles, “never had” children with Patricia. That doesn’t stop him every year, play Santa Claus in the city.

A staging of closeness and attachment to family that today wounds many Bretoncellois who feel bruised by his confession.

It breaks my heart to know what he did. How can someone treat their own mother like this?


It is indeed a betrayal that is now re-emerging from the words of those who frequented this carefree couple who seem to all that was done to conceal the death of Albertine Haye. Some locals even dare to call it a “heartless monster”.

In a press release, the Alençon prosecutor’s office said the electricity had been cut off in the house of the old lady, who had not been physically seen for at least eight years. However, several sources at the town hall assured bass that the charges for the house were well paid by Maurice, who personally brought the consumption statements to the city services.

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With the confidence he had in the commune, all elected officials toasted his reassuring words about his mother’s health. “We had no reason not to trust him,” the former elected official slipped.

So he staged the arrivals and departures where he pretended to carry groceries to his mother while picking up trash.

No one else at the time could have known that Albertine had been dead for many long years. “We often saw her van, we could have thought everything was fine with the lady,” the local resident reasoned Rod she crossed a few days after the body was discovered.

A few years ago, sick and forced to stay in the hospital due to lung problems, he announced to those around him and to the residents of La Booz, that his mother was just in the nursing home. No one was really afraid anymore to see the skylight open in summer and winter and the brambles growing up to the big wooden gate overlooking the road.

Described as an intelligent and hard-working man, the couple, like his wife, have built a comfortable situation for themselves. No reason, according to relatives, imagine he could have embezzled his mother’s pension. The thesis of denial seems to be privileged at the moment, but the investigators of the Mortagne-au-Perche brigade do not rule out this trace.

* Assumed names

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