When the Haute-Garonne gendarmes launch an appeal to find the little… blinker!

When the Haute-Garonne gendarmes launch an appeal to find the little… blinker!

The blinker is too often forgotten on the roads. (©Illustration / Adobe Stock)

A search notification like no other. Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at their facebook pagethey gendarmes of Haute-Garonne launched a challenge to find a “small rudder who got lost

Forgetting the blinker in the gendarmes’ viewfinder

A few days ago, gendarmes also had an order on social networks. This involved the use of famous middle lane. This time it is not using the blinker who is in their crosshairs.

If this search notification makes you smile, it’s unfortunately necessary. Even today, too many motorists forget to use this famous flashing light that is present on all vehicles. And a trivial oversight can sometimes be expensive…

Too many forgetfulness on the roads

If you do not remember what this command can be used for, the military will remind you:

“Blinkers are used to indicate to other users in traffic the direction in which to turn, go around the roundabout, but also exit it, enter and exit the parking lot and overtake the vehicle. In short, inform the direct escort about your vehicle in circulation.”

Gendarmerie of Haute-Garonne

“All these maneuvers will be carried out using mirrors and blind spot checks (we will return to this later),” the gendarmes already write.

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