What is changing in analytical laboratories

What is changing in analytical laboratories

What is changing in analytical laboratories
Medical biologists have been on strike since Thursday, October 27. © Stock of Adobe

Biologists of analytical laboratories are on strike from Thursday, October 27. What is the reason for their protest? How will you be affected? Why are epidemiologists worried?

The government wants to save 250 million

Medical biology laboratories protest against the blow of aircraft in the amount of 250 million euros announced in social security funding account. The government justifies these savings on the profitability of laboratories and their profits from screening during the Covid-19 crisis. In the Senate, Gabriel Attal, Minister for Public Accounts, estimated this surplus turnover at more than 7 billion euros.

What does that change for you?

LLabs will not be closed : if you have a blood test, analysis, sample or Covid test, you can do it. However, biologists medical will not transmit the results of these tests to the SIDEP platform since Thursday. “This decision has significant financial costs for medical biologists – tests are not reimbursed to CNAM laboratories in the absence of data transfer on the SIDEP platform,” writes the Medical Biology Alliance in a statement.

A blur in the monitoring of the Covid epidemic

The biologists’ protest ends disrupt epidemic monitoring data Covid daily press. It is true that the peak of the eighth wave appears to have been reached, but epidemiologists need all the data to confirm a drop in Covid cases, not to mention tracking the emergence of a new variant of BQ.1.1.

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