What do you say ?  She is Queen Elizabeth II.  dead?

What do you say ? She is Queen Elizabeth II. dead?

Queen Elizabeth II is no more (©Illustration RATP Group)

After 70 years of reign, Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8. It is very likely that you are not informed yet and we are really sorry to tell you so suddenly.

The British monarch who ascended the throne on February 6, 1952, Elizabeth II, saw the birth of nearly 87% of her country’s current population. In other words, most of his subjects only knew this queen and followed her path marked by her total devotion to her people. Although our king Louis XIV. reigned a little longer, 72 years to be exact, Elizabeth II. was a worldwide phenomenon.

So one would wonder why there was not a single line in the newspaper, not a single start at 8:00 PM on TV and not a single special. We cannot explain this absence in the media, because a minimum of information could be of interest to a part of the population. At least our English friends have settled in France.

Information overload

All this is, of course, an irony to condemn what has been explained by many media in recent days. In the article of our colleagues from Western Post Office, Nic Newman of the Reuters Institute for journalism studies confides that “we were surprised at the level at which the international media picked up the story”.

They also quote David Medioni, journalist and director of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation Media Observatory noting that “it is the type of events that illustrate the vicious circle of information. We can’t help it, but all the media treat it the same way.” The Courier even believes that this “titanic” media coverage (…) can have a deterrent effect at a time when more and more people are already turning away from the news”.

The art of communicating well is therefore the ability to find the right balance between working from different points of view and information overload, from which we end up retaining very little.

So here’s the gist. The queen is dead, long live the king.

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