Weather report.  A cold and rather cloudy weekend in Centre-Val de Loire

Weather report. A cold and rather cloudy weekend in Centre-Val de Loire

The dominant temperature side will be cold, the sky will alternate between large threatening clouds and beautiful clearings. (© Weather Center Association)

Towards a mixed weekend, fresh and more or less cloudy with occasional showers/rain in the Centre-Val de Loire region…

Heavy clouds and showers on Saturday…

In the morning, a lot of clouds will be released in our territory showers or rain mainly in the north of Centre-Val de Loire (more localized in the south).

Only a few clearings will be able to appear in the south. Minimum temperatures will range from +7°C to +12°C from southeast to northwest.

In the afternoon we will maintain cloud dominance over our central areas: there will be more or less regular showers and/or rain over very gray skies over a small northern part of our areas (north of the Loire and towards Eure-et-Loir).

In the large southern part (south of the Loire and towards berryof Sologne and South of Touraine), the sky will be very changeable (alternating clear and many clouds) with a few very localized thunderstorms (risk of marginal to weak thunderstorms) under threatening clouds.

Showers may be more active in the extreme south of Berry, on the edge Limousine, between late afternoon and evening. The highest temperatures will range from north to south between +14 °C and +20 °C.

The flow will change during the day from southwest/west to west/northwest sectors with light to moderate winds (gusts 10 to 40 km/h, locally > 50 km/h).

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Mixed and very cloudy with a few showers on Sunday…

Sunday morning, under an overcast sky, a few showers or rain will circulate very randomly. Minimum temperatures will range from +9°C to +12°C.

Cloudy areas will remain very numerous in the afternoon with scattered showers likely. Some gaps/exclusions will be possible in the course of hours despite the dominant cloud cover. The highest temperatures will range between +14°C and +18°C.

In the south, light to moderate winds will blow from west to north and in the north from north to northeast.

Between tonight and Sunday evening, accumulated rainfall will be often light and very heterogeneous over Centre-Val de Loire (most often a few feet to a few millimeters of water, very locally 15/20 mm, especially on north of Eure-et-Loir).

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