Vitré: this psychoanalyst reconciles children and adults with spelling

Vitré: this psychoanalyst reconciles children and adults with spelling

Eloïse receives guests at 9, rue de la Vallée (Beauvais) ©Le Journal de Vitré

Eloïse Laîné based in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine) as a psychoanalyst specializing in children and adults with high potential, just finished training for spelling correction.

“This method is for all dyslexics, but also for every child from the end of primary school or an adult with spelling problems”, manager Eloïse Laîné.

And to add: “It is in the records of private lessons. This was followed by training with Anne-Marie Gaignard (Angers), who made her discover the tools to master spelling, but also master the rules of grammar.

Several formulas

To align children and youth with spelling, the duration of their training is 12 to 14 hours. For adults, costs can be covered from the CPF (personal training account). Sessions last at least an hour.

Another axis developed by Eloïse, learning to learn, especially with memorization techniques. This also applies to pupils and adults, for example those who have to express themselves orally at a meeting, in front of a jury or an assembly.

Eloïse Laîné is available on 06 88 76 12 52. The reception is by appointment only at 9, rue de la Vallée in Vitré (Beauvais).

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