Vierville-sur-Mer.  Women farmers gather on the Rose Walk open to all

Vierville-sur-Mer. Women farmers gather on the Rose Walk open to all

Nathalie Lepelletier organizes a Rose Parade in Vierville-sur-Mer as part of Pink October. ©Philippe Jautee

First organized in 2019The Women Farmers’ Rose March is back, Sunday 30 October 2022 in Vierville-sur-Mer (Calvados). Answers Nathalie Lepelletier, President of the Calvados Farmers’ Commission. “He came up with the idea for this walk in 2019 because I have two good friends who have had breast cancer. For them, I thought I had to accept the challenge, that I would try to mobilize the people around me,” explains the farmer, who wants to pay tribute to her two friends who will participate in the rose march.

In particular, she would like to thank Hélène Pien, head of the FDSEA (Departmental Federation of Farmers’ Unions) in Calvados, for her support in organizing the event.

Two routes along the beaches

A dozen farmers from his section there will be a hike, which will be divided into two routes. The first of 5 km that will start from Vierville-sur-Mer to Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer and a second 10 km that starts at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer to Colleville-sur-Mer. “Then we will go back to take part in the raffle and share a cold meal at the town hall”, specifies Nathalie, who wants this walk to be a moment of solidarity, “the funds raised will be donated to the Cancer League for Pink October”, but also hospitality, “we want to open a dialogue with the inhabitants of the city to better understand our profession. »

Open dialogue with farmers

The purpose of the event is of course to raise money for the Cancer League, but Nathalie wants “the public to come into contact with farmers because our profession is not well known and we need to communicate. »

We need to explain to the outside public why we work this way. If people don’t know our work rules, they can’t understand us.

Nathalie Lepelletier

This walk is an opportunity to discuss this topic with the female farmers present. “We are extremely criticized and “agro-loved” [NDLR : Terme qui regroupe des personnes qui défendent l’agriculture et les pratiques agricoles] must be placed. People should understand us, like us and stop criticizing us. »

Nathalie illustrates her remarks with a situation that is well known to everyone. “If we spread slurry, if it smells, if the roads are dirty, it’s not our goodwill, it’s part of our job. We try to overcome all this with our machines. »

A situation that can sometimes be a source of contention with the townspeople. “Not so long ago, I myself called from a neighbor of one of our fields to stop working because he was bothered by the smell. However, we respected the distance to the house, but good if there is a smell, unfortunately we can’t do much. He threatened to call the gendarmerie,” he says.

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Debates that are sure to calm down during this march of roses, in a friendly and benevolent environment.

Pink walk. Reception at 9:15 a.m. at the village hall in Vierville-sur-Mer. Possibility of lunch on site. Prices: €12 or €22 with food. Prices will be offered. Mandatory registration on 06 86 26 81 77.

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