VIDEO.  NASA recorded the sound of a meteorite hitting Mars and it worked "bloop"

VIDEO. NASA recorded the sound of a meteorite hitting Mars and it worked "bloop"

NASA just released the sound of a meteorite hitting Mars. Illustrative photo.(©Vadimsadovski / Adobe Stock)

This is the first time that a human has managed to capture this kind of sound. The Seis probe, attached to the InSight space probe, landed on marsrecorded the sound of a meteor hitting Mars and gives a strange result.

Rather than the traditional “boom” we might expect, we hear more of a “bloop” there. Like the noise that makes a drop fall into water. Or an air bubble rising to the surface.

Atmospheric matter

This meteor fell on September 5, 2021, but before scientists complete their analysis, NASA did not communicate like this Monday, September 19, 2022.

This strange noise is caused, according to NASA, which explains it in videoto the particular atmospheric conditions of Mars: “low sounds come before high sounds”.

Contacted by user news.frGilles Dawidowicz, president of the Planetary Commission, details: “Actually, sound travels at a certain speed depending on the atmosphere. The sound of Mars is very weak, very soft compared to Earth”, hence this surprising sound.

But that’s not the only factor to consider. Temperature can also change this perception of sound. “There’s also the Doppler effect, the phenomenon that means we hear the police car differently depending on whether it’s behind us, in front of us, or in front of us, which also plays a role. »

Seis, InSight… Why?

InSight is a space probe that landed on Mars in November 2018. Its goal is to study the internal structure of Mars. It has exactly the tools for that, like Seis. Short for “Seismic Experiment for Interior Structures,” Seis is a seismometer “the most accurate ever created,” according to Gilles Dawidodwicz. And, just kidding, it was designed in France.

Although InSight is capable of detecting seismic waves thousands of miles away, it was located 85 to 290 km further than the impact. His perception also changed. But Gilles Dawidowicz assures him: “If it was right next door, the noise would be quite classic”.

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