VIDEO.  Just 5 years old, Julian, a mainstay of Toulouse FC, lights up the stands of the stadium

VIDEO. Just 5 years old, Julian, a mainstay of Toulouse FC, lights up the stands of the stadium

Shirtless Julian did everything to push the Violets to victory against Strasbourg. (© Twitter screenshot)

This is one of the (very) beautiful meeting sequences between them Toulouse and Strasbourg. The stadium did not record the victory of its pupils, held in check (2-2), on behalf of the 12th day of Ligue 1. However, it was a picture projection scene that sequence in the stands it’s definitely there.

A young supporter lights up a corner

A fan captured a very nice moment. While Toulousains and Alsasans clash on the turf, a young fan at the Brice-Taton bend, Indian lawis seen to vote encourage the Violets. But not only: Pitchoun, fully dressed in TFC colours, takes off his shirt and shake it up.

Great picture shared on the networks and which don’t hold the buzzer. So much so that the club’s Twitter account is broadcasting it on Sunday night.

5 years old and the son of a die-hard fan

To the right of this little boy named Julian, face Red, his father. At the age of 31, he is an unconditional supporter of the Violets. ” I always stood behind them, I started watching matches when I was 6-7 years old, it was the 1998-1999 season. I knew the club at National,” he testifies News from Toulouse. ” Since childhood, I’m totally on Tefu, in France. When there’s a match, no one stays! »

Very often in the stadium, Rudy went with the Indians more than once. “When I’m with them I’m deep like Julian, of course! But when he wants to go with them, you have to stand up, so I have to carry him, otherwise he’s too small. And it’s getting hard to bear…” Dad smiles.

So a compromise is found: take turns, but eccentric compared to the Indians. ” There is always an atmosphere in all cases. It all started in the last seven Ligue 2 games played at the stadium last year, when his son, who was not yet 5 years old, discovered a lair club. To never leave her. “As soon as I tell him we’re going to watch TFC, he’s the happiest! »

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” I do not believe it ”

And against Strasbourg, the duo was present at the stadium. Even though he is a few meters away from the Indians, the young Pitchoun does his best to encourage the partners of Branca van den Boomen. On the place notice it. His dad says. “On Sunday night I pick up the phone and see that they called me, that a friend sent me a link with a video. I opened it and I saw that he was my sonI thought it couldn’t be done,” laughs Rudy.

“When I saw the number of views quite quickly, I was hallucinating, I was like ‘no, this is unbelievable’. It’s a beautiful picture, it’s still cute. He had to take his shirt off 2-3 times in the game, so I thought, it’s not true, is it.” but that person really shot him at the end of the day. The whole match he was passing and jumping all the time. That’s the funny thing!’

Redsupporter of TFC

Like the father, the child also vibrates for football. ” He knows several TFC players at his age than adult supporters,” laughs the 31-year-old. Before he tells an anecdote that is still as endearing: “When we came back from the stadium, he wanted replay the match on FIFA, he knew Rouault had scored, so he took him on purpose to go and score.”

Already on the pitch… and back against Monaco?

Julian blew his 5E candle in august. Unsurprisingly, he went to a football school. “I registered him at Saint-Sauveur, everything, is that it lasts pleasure. He always wants to play with the ball,” says Rudy. On November 6 at 15:00, Toulouse will host at the Monaco Stadium. With Julian to encourage the Violets? “I will definitely be back, I think I’ll try to bring it up“, answers the father.

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