VIDEO.  Brick pool, giant animals, construction rooms… Briklive settles in Toulouse

VIDEO. Brick pool, giant animals, construction rooms… Briklive settles in Toulouse

Bricklive takes place at the Pierre-Baudis Convention Center in Toulouse until October 30, 2022. (©

It’s a paradise for Lego fans, or almost. Action until 30.10.2022 brick live stands on Pierre Baudis Convention Centerin Toulouse. And it offers 2 million cubes to play, build and let your imagination run wild.

First release in 2019

40 brick animals are on display.
40 brick animals are on display. (©

“This event is being sold by an English company,” explains Sophie Caro, project manager at GL Events, which organizes the event in the Pink City. We had the first edition in 2019 at the former exhibition grounds, this time we wanted to get closer to the city center. »

On two floors, Bricklive offers a life-size Lego animal exhibition, brick pools, building rooms, space themed workshops Star Wars, lego friendswith or again ninjago.

For small and big children

Several universes are offered.
Several universes are offered. (©

Seven-year-old Joshua stacks blue, white and red bricks on a table with his father. Together they build a giant tower. ” Lego is truly a family passion“, his father smiled.

“We are targeting a family audience and those who listen nostalgically to Lego,” confirms Sophie Caro. “We even have a pool dedicated to Duplos for the little ones. »

To learn more about Bricklive, watch our video filmed at the Pierre-Baudis Convention Center:


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