Vernon.  House at risk in Vernonnet to be demolished

Vernon. House at risk in Vernonnet to be demolished

The house at risk, located at 15, route de Magny, will be destroyed. Demolition work could begin in October. © Vernon Democrat

The house in danger of collapse at 15, route de Magny-en-Vexin, Vernon (Eure), will be demolished.

The city deployed an important security device at the beginning of the summer to strengthen the endangered building. Since, the circulation on this axis is modifiedwith a section of the road limited to 30 km/h and priority for uphill vehicles.

Securing with props

“The city proceeded to secure by laying down the charges with an appeal to the court. In the meantime, the court issued a consent opinion in mid-June for the securing and dismantling of the site,” says Benjamin Desgardin, director of social cohesion in the agglomeration of Vernon and Seine Normandie (SNA) and responsible for the file.

The procedure gives owners resident abroad three months to challenge the decision. “We hope that by meeting these deadlines start studying for demolition costs in October “, details Benjamin Desgardin.

Absent owner

But trouble crept into the file.

“The problem was finding it owner “, explains Benjamin Desgardin. Marc R., the owner of the building, lives in Belgium and his accommodation has remained unoccupied for several years.

If he continues to pay his taxes and bills, no maintenance has been done on the building and the municipality cannot make contact at this time.

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Neighboring houses spared

The fate of the neighboring houses is comforting: “Unlike the danger of the houses in rue Carnot, where the old buildings share a common floor, the houses have adjoining walls but are independent. »

Since the start of the interventions, residents have been allowed to stay at home. “Work didn’t bother us,” admits the neighbor.

The other, the tenant in the house next door, has more difficulties with transportation.

“The sound of the cars is hell! The cars stop on the way up, and when they start up again, they roar and make a lot of noise. »


Without forgetting the motorists who make their voices heard. “Some people still have problems with the rules of the road, we hear drivers insulting each other at all times of the day,” the neighbor fumes.

Costs advanced by the municipality

On the other hand, a house built recently does not represent any wealth for inheritance. This will be confirmed by an expert opinion. “This demolition will also make it possible to restore normal circulation,” specifies the director of social cohesion.

In terms of costs, the municipality advanced the costs of storage and will advance the costs of demolition, which will then be invoiced to the owners.

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