Vendée: petition launched to save old villa in seaside resort

Vendée: petition launched to save old villa in seaside resort

Villa Les Heures Claires in Saint-Jean-de-Monts is set to be demolished, angering some townspeople. ©Google Map

“We and our families have lived in Saint-Jean-de-Monts for more than 50 years.” In the Vendée, residents of this seaside resort, which swells tenfold in summer, strive to ensure that the town’s famous heritage remains intact. Still, the real estate project drew their ire.

Destruction of the villa

At 86 Avenue de la Mer, a villa from 1927 is to be demolished, our colleagues from Ouest-France report on August 16. “It is for us, the straw that breaks the camel’s back”, we can read on petition, launched by Denis Marchesnay. This brings together more than 600 signatories on August 22, 2022. “It is essential that the town hall stops granting planning permission to developers and that historic houses are preserved”. A promotional panel was displayed in front of the residence and it is not the first time that these residents have noticed the gap between the past and the present of Saint-Jean-de-Monts “decisions taken regarding building permits go against the preservation of the built historical heritage and the history of the station. I also take this opportunity to say that this beautiful avenue by the sea that we used to know no longer resembles anything but a pilgrimage of shops/businesses that once again destroys beautiful structures,” we can read from the new in the petition.

Chalk it up to “mass tourism”?

If the population increases significantly in the summer, it is not always to the liking of the locals. “It’s time the council responded and imposed charters and regulations on traders and asked them to take down their signs to find the charm that other seaside resorts in the area have managed to retain. This type of decision will also allow for a change in attendance, which is constantly worsening (increasing rudeness/theft, defacement of public and private property, labels on walls, etc.). It’s time to stop mass tourism.” Villa Bianca, which will replace the current Villa Les Heures Claires at this address, is due to be delivered by July 2024, likely with some displeasure when work begins.

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