Vandalism and insults written on a blackboard at a school in a village near Villefranche-de-Lauragais

Vandalism and insults written on a blackboard at a school in a village near Villefranche-de-Lauragais

Individuals entered the classroom to dump cleaning supplies and write insults directed at the teacher on the blackboard. (©Pixabay – illustration photo)

The case dates back to this summer, but was not made public until September 2022. During the school holidays,school in the city of Cessales was the target of a An act of vandalism.

Facts about which most parents and pupils were educated within the framework Intermunicipal educational grouping the associating municipalities of Varennes, Cessales, Mauremont and Trébons-sur-la-Grasse learned on Tuesday, September 20, by letter.

Spilled household products and insults

In this letter Mayor Cessales, Emmanuel Apuliagives some details about them malicious acts identified at school:

Young fanatics entered the refectory and classroom, where they spread household products on the floor. They also used the opportunity to write insults on the blackboard, regarding the teacher and the employee of the town hall.

For the elected official we spoke to, there is no doubt that these acts were committed by relatively young individuals. “Seems like a little childish revenge. When it comes to laying bedbugs on mrs.’s chair or at knock over her flower potI dare to hope that it is not the work of parents or adults,” he comments.

No big mess, but a lot of cleaning

If the mayor states that financial damages to the company remain limitedcondemns this act, the purpose of which he seems to have difficulty understanding:

If they wanted to do more damage or steal, they could because the equipment and computers were there. But they just threw out two or three cans there. It was still necessary to buy these preparations and, above all, to go through them several times so that everything could be cleaned well. There was also a door that needed fixing because they were breaking in.

“It’s a student work tool that has been degraded”

Emmanuel Pouilles is therefore annoyed by these actions, which he also judges “unacceptable” and “inexcusable”in addition, given that they penalize students in particular.

It is unfortunate because it is a devalued working tool for pupils. The municipality is trying its best to help students with school resources, but also with outings, and we would much rather continue to invest in this way than in repairs caused by this behavior.

Emmanuel ApuliaMayor Cessales

Two complaints were filed

While Emmanuel Pouilles specifies that he is confronted with this type of facts in the village for the first time, he suggests that the town hall decided to file a complaint. “The gendarmerie in Villefranche-de-Lauragais obtained photographs and small messages left by the culprits. The teacher who was targeted by the insults also filed a complaint.underlines the selected one.

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It should be noted that the disorder caused by these summer actions had no impact on the start of the school year. Everything was cleaned up before they returned to the classroom. “We didn’t notice it right away because the school is closed for the summer. It was a few weeks before the start of the school year, when we started going around the campus to prepare everything, that we discovered all this and that we had to clean up,” says the mayor.

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