Val d’Oise.  The chimney fire spread to the roof of the house

Val d’Oise. The chimney fire spread to the roof of the house

Large flames shot out of the chimney before spreading to the roof. (©Illustration)

While autumn quickly gave way to summer, at the end of September you can feel the cold and the first accidents occur in Val-d’Oise.
As a result of rising energy prices and/or compliance with state guidelines not to heat their homes above 19°C, residents are looking for alternative solutions to insulate.

Three spears mounted

On the night of Thursday, September 29 to Friday, September 30, 2022, the residents of a house in the rue des Bonnets in Chaumontel, this is how it shines and fireplace. But the flames spread to the roof of their pavilion.

Firefighters alerted at 12:13 deployed three lances to extinguish the flames before carrying out a barricade.
After examination, two residents were left behind, their condition did not require hospitalization. They had to be relocated.

Preventive measures

This accident forces us to remember a few guidelines regarding the precautions to be followed when using chimneys.

The first measure is to have your chimney swept by a professional every year. More than prevention, it is an obligation towards insurance. It is important to carry out annual maintenance of exhaust ducts and chimneys, never block or block ventilation grilles, burn dry wood and never use any solvents or alcohol to start a fire.

Instructions from firefighters

Avoid using all softwoods (fir, pine, etc.) in firewood, as their resin is heavier than other softwoods, and when heated, sticks to walls more easily, increasing the presence of tar very noticeably.

It is recommended not to overload the insert or fireplace with an open flame, especially at night, not to throw materials that would release poisonous fumes into the chimney (candles, plastics), keep flammable materials away from the fireplace (cardboard, greaseproof paper, sofa, carpet).

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