Vaccinate your child against papillomavirus for free in Seine-Maritime

Vaccinate your child against papillomavirus for free in Seine-Maritime

Vaccination against papillomaviruses would prevent 90% of the cancers they cause. (©Lucie D’Agosto/Illustration)

Each year, 6300 cancers are the result of an infection papillomavirus human (HPV). However, since 2006 there has been a vaccine which prevents 90% of infections. But its coverage is only 37.4% in France.

in Maritime Seinea health insurance company associated with the Cancer League and several health workers’ unions, launches a vaccination campaign.

Boys equally concerned

HPV infections are one of the main causes Cancer of the uterus but not only. A third of these infections also affect men and cause cancer of the penis, rectum or some ENT canals. Long reserved for girls aged 11 to 14, vaccination was extended to boys of the same age in January 2021.

“HPV infection is the most common STI, it is transmitted almost exclusively during sexual intercourse,” explains the doctor. Marc Durand, gynecologist and vice-president of the Regional Union of Liberal Doctors of Normandy. ” Condoms only partially protect against these infections.therefore, vaccinating boys is essential,” he insists.

Completely free vaccine in Seine-Maritime

If your health insurance is comprehensive, all costs will be automatically reimbursed. However, some families do not have supplementary health insurance, which could be a barrier to vaccination. The Seine-Maritime Cancer League has therefore teamed up with the Ministry’s CPAMs and the Regional Union of Pharmacists to cover this remaining fee.

“Without supplementary health insurance, a dose of the vaccine would cost around 30 euros, knowing that two doses are needed for children aged 11-14, this is not something in the budget,” he points out Yvon Graicpresident of the Seine-Maritime Cancer League.

Vaccination is possible up to the age of 19

If the child was not vaccinated between the ages of 11 and 14, he can still use it until the age of 19. However, to have a complete course of vaccinations, he will need to receive three doses, not two.

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Vaccination can be done by a doctor, midwife, nurse (on prescription) or at a vaccination center.

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