Up to 30°C: the extraordinary heatwave will continue, according to Météo France

Up to 30°C: the extraordinary heatwave will continue, according to Météo France

This October could become the warmest October on record (©Timothée L’Angevin / actu.fr)

Unthinkable temperatures for the end of October. And it’s not over. An exceptional heat wave which falls on France, will continue, warns Météo France, which on Thursday 27

“This phenomenon lasts for eleven days, it persistsnews.fr Claire Chanal, weather forecaster. We still expect warm temperatures until Sunday (October 30, editor’s note). So overall, this episode with highs above 25°C may have lasted 15 days. »

From the heat of Spain

Originally a plume (or plume) of heat rising from Spain and the Maghreb, caused by a pressure trough in the North Atlantic that rotated counterclockwise. “As it crosses the Pyrenees, it is again heated by wind from the relief, which explains why temperatures are high in the southwest. »

On Thursday 27 June, Météo France predicts 27°C to 29°C in these areas, with even 30°C locally in southern Aquitaine and the western foothills of the Pyrenees. 24°C to 26°C is expected in the southern half and 20°C to 25°C elsewhere.

In the Mediterranean and in Languedoc-Roussillon it will be a little less hot due to the sea entrances, with a maximum of 23 degrees.

Due to the expected Saharan sand, temperatures should not exceed 30°C. At this point, it is unclear whether it will be dense enough to limit warming.

Claire ChanelForecaster at Meteo France

Softness for several days

On Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th, the thermometer should show similar values. Only on Sunday the 30th is a drop expected. “We expect temperatures closer to normal for the season, although they will be 3°C to 4°C higher,” warns the forecaster.

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Even if Météo France rejects the more distant forecasts as usual, the mildness should continue for a few more days.

Global warming sign

This episode of heat, which should lead us to the warmest October on record, is one of the signs of global warming. As Météo France reports, these episodes will be repeated, prolonged and intensified in the coming years.

In a new study published jointly with the CNRS, the meteorological organization predicts an average increase in temperatures of 3.2°C in winter by 2100 (2.3 to 4.2°C depending on the region). and 5.1 degrees (3.6 to 6.6 °C). depending on the region) in summer.

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