University student: more than 1,000 jobs created in the field of activity

University student: more than 1,000 jobs created in the field of activity

With the delivery of the second phase of the business park entrusted to Segro and Salini, the ZAC de Lamirault de Collégien is complete. © SEGRO

ZAC* Lamirault at Collégien is now complete. On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the last part of this park of economic activities implemented by the real estate company Segro and the Salini group, náměstí 8.0, was officially opened.

“All 100% Occupied”congratulates Mayor Marc Pinoteau, pleased with the many jobs that have been created there.

The first operations at ZAC date back to 2003. The 2007 crisis punished it, but today it is complete and on the mend. And the 9,400 m2 entrusted to Segro and Salini is already occupied and welcomes companies of all sizes and from diversified business sectors.

Marc Pinoteau, Mayor of Collegien

New HEQ activity zone

On the side delegated to two companies, eight buildings in modular wooden frames were made. They meet the HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard and “demanding” architectural specifications.

It is restrictive for companies, but the result is there. We have a park with aesthetics and consideration of ecological requirements and preservation of green areas, valleys and reservoirs.

Marc Pinoteau

Financial and economic interest

For the municipality, the advantage of this type of activity zone is multiple. First a financial interest. Companies report to the municipality as much additional property tax as possible. The rest goes to the agglomeration of Marne and Gondoire.

Pascal Leroy, vice-president of SME-SMI, crafts and trade of the agglomeration and mayor of Carnetin, adds:

It is thanks to the companies that the community of the agglomeration can implement its public policies. These create wealth and enable public authorities to invest in public facilities.

Then interest in termsattraction az dynamics points out: “It also creates activity for restaurants and hotels, it’s a good thing for dynamism”, adds Marc Pinoteau.

More than 1,000 jobs were created

To occupy the new premises, the agglomeration and the mayor met with their partners Segro and Salini. “We wanted to avoid having only logistics,” the Mayor of Collégien elaborates.

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He takes the installation of the company as an example Boutrouspecialist in engraving for 100 years in Paris, composed of professionals in arts and crafts with exceptional know-how and training.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily benefit college students when that level of know-how is needed, but it also allows us to place young people looking for work, to give them perspective.

Marc Pinoteau

The town hall can put young people and job seekers in contact with companies.

Thanks to this new ZAC being added to the Forest Gates zone, they are 1500 jobs created in the Collégien, including more than 1,000 in the ZAC de Lamirault.

In the end, we have 3,500 jobs for a population of 3,420.

Marc Pinoteau

Within the ZAC, creation of a service center with a company crèche, a gym and a restaurant, it is also a provider of jobs.

“This zone proves that it is possible to combine respect for the social and environmental values ​​of the university and economic interests, and especially the effort to combine job offers and research applicants,” concludes the mayor.

*Zone of joint development

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