Two suspects arrested after several thefts from a trailer committed in Compiègne

Two suspects arrested after several thefts from a trailer committed in Compiègne

Theft from trailer by broken glass. (©DR)

If trailer thefts do not see a strong increase in the Oise, their numbers remain high. And since the end of the summer, the police Fr Compiegne (Oise) also observed and increase in theft in vehicles parked in car parks in the Compiégnois sector.

Since the end of August, officials from the Compiègne police station have been able to collect several testimonies from the owners degraded vehicles after years of trailering. “The five acts were committed by the same team,” explains Pierrick Boulet, Commissioner of Compiègne.

Flights in less than a minute

Using a repeated procedure, two men in their forties stole various items from vehicles parked in the parking lot several times Armistice Memorialclearing in the heart of the forest of Compiègne and nearby Castle of Compiegne. “They come to the car park, smash the window and then fish out the items inside the vehicle in less than 40 seconds “, the commissioner specifies.

It can be electronics like tablets and phones, handbags, backpacks…

Pierrick BouletCommissioner of Police in Compiègne

Caught in the act

These two men were already known to the police mainly for stealing property or files related to narcotics arrested police officers patrolling the parking lot clearing the truce. Tuesday, September 20 around 10:00 a.m. the thieves just broke the window vehicle to steal a bag.

The two thieves, one of them “from the traveling community”, are being brought to the prosecutor’s office in Compiègne this Thursday, September 22, for immediate appearance.

Be careful in parking lots

The two arrested men are not the only ones looking for valuable goods: “We are dealing with several teams working in this sector with different modus operandi. Some pick the locks, others break the windows,” warns the Compiègne police.

“Nothing should be left in sight in the passenger compartment, you have to hide everything, advises Pierrick Boulet, they broke the window because they saw something lying on a bench or a seat”. Despite the presence of sixty cameras in the city of Compiègne, thefts are still numerous. The police therefore call for caution.

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