Twenty-six restored ponds in the Haut-Anjou valley in Maine-et-Loire

Twenty-six restored ponds in the Haut-Anjou valley in Maine-et-Loire

About twenty ponds were restored in October 2022 by the community of communes of the Haut-Anjou valley (Maine-et-Loire), accompanied by the environmental studies office of the EDEN association. (Projection office © EDEN)

till the end October 2022community of municipalities Haut-Anjou Valley (Maine-et-Loire)sixteen municipalities in the northwest of the department, restored 26 bocage ponds (two-thirds private).

The ponds are located in nine municipalities on its territory: Val d’Erdre-Auxence, Erdre-en-Anjou, Hauts-d’Anjou, Juvardeil, La Jaille-Yvon, Lion d’Angers, Montreuil-sur-Maine, Saint-Augustin-des-Bois, Sceaux-d’Anjou. Objective: to preserve natural resources and the landscape.

These operations for the restoration of small ponds were supported in the field by the association EDEN (Study of natural balances) based in Bouchemaine (Maine et Loire).

PARADISE made up of fishermen and hunters. Its mission focuses on two main areas: the bocage – under the triptych of hedges, ponds, meadows or grass strips – and the fauna and flora in the mentioned biotopes.

Twenty five projects

in 2023The second program will focus on the restoration of 25 small ponds, spread from north to south of the commune in the Haut-Anjou valley, from Saint-Augustin-des-Bois and Val d’Erdre-Auxence to Lion-d’Angers. and La Jaille-Yvon.

“The CCVHA is committed to preserving and/or restoring the biological diversity within its territory. Hence its designation RSO 26,000 Lucia and TEN (territory committed to nature). »

Jean-Pierre BruVice President of Vallées du Haut-Anjou, Environment Officer

This restoration must improve the efficiency of water reservoirs for water resource management, water quality and the preservation of the specific biodiversity of these environments (amphibians, insects, birds).

The total cost of the work will reach €185,000 including tax, financed 30% by the Pays de la Loire region, 30% by Europe, 20% by the Loire Bretagne Water Management Agency. The rest is up to the community. Haut-Anjou Valley for €37,000 including tax for a three-year plan.

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“On the territory of the former community of communes of West Anjou (Saint-Augustin-des-Bois, Le Louroux-Beconnais, Cornwall, Villemoisan, Becon-les-Granits, Saint Sigismund), the actors were immediately ready to restore the ponds, note Jean-Pierre Bru. This is explained by the fact that these municipalities did not know any collective consolidation”.

It is therefore less obvious to restore ponds where there are open areas with field crops. Since 2018a hundred ponds were restored in the territory of the Haut-Anjou valley.

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