TV: The inhabitants of Montpellier in the credits of the series House of The Dragon

TV: The inhabitants of Montpellier in the credits of the series House of The Dragon

House Of The Dragon is following the same path to success as Game of Thrones. (©HBO/OCS)

After the huge planetary cardboard series Game of Tonesprequel House of dragons commissioned by HBO, broadcast in France on OCS, it broke the record in viewership. And as is now the custom, quite a few former students of ESMA (School of Art Professions) appear in the headlines.

200 years back

The last season of Game of Thrones gathered more than 44.2 million viewers, making it one of the most popular series in its history. With House of the Dragon, travel back 200 years to when King Viserys ruled the kingdom, during the civil war that brought down House Targaryen. The success of the prequel was heralded as fans waited to dive back into the Westeros universe. The ten episodes thus attracted an average of 29 million viewers in the United States.

Former students of ESMA Montpellier worked on the series and held various positions in the Moving Pictures Company studio: Thomas Spony Ipiens, environment artist, creates all the sets, Robin Leloup, lookdev artist, sets up the various tools to show the final look of the assets and Laura Guintrand, senior conceptual / modeling artist, transforms an idea into a visual creation.

Studio MPC, a true international producer of major productions, has many films and TV series to its credit. For all its work, the studio was rewarded with many awards: Oscar for Best Visual Effects, BAFTA Award for Best Visual Effects, VES Award, Annie Award, HPA Award… As for House of the Dragon, season 2 is already scheduled for March 2023 What to see again on the screen the talent of former students of ESMA.

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