Trainer and his colt at the Argentan Half Marathon this Saturday, October 1

Trainer and his colt at the Argentan Half Marathon this Saturday, October 1

Jean-Luc Édeline and Yal Hamelin, trainer and his foal, about forty years ago. (©Archives The Journal of the Orne)

This Saturday 1ahem October 2022 takes place on Half marathon ofArgentinianin L’decorates.

Among all the small and big challenges that will be launched against each other, that of Jean-Luc Edeline az Yal Hamelin.

First, the leader courtyard Athletics decades, he invited his colt, whom he had trained some forty years earlier, and advanced him to the national level in running.

“Sports put me on the right path,” says the other, “very grateful” to his coach.

“We’ll run side by side”

On Saturday, they will take part in the relay (i.e. half of the 21.1 km), each with their pair (respectively Olivier Quincé and Jean-Pierre Tribout).

“I don’t know yet if we will do the first or second part of the course,” continues the youngest.

“We will run side by side. It reminds me of my youth, when I was a child, when he took me to the forest and we ran together.

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Departure of the race at 14:00 from the fairground towards Juvigny-sur-Orne, Port d’Aunou, Gouffern forest with the relay at the guard house, exiting the forest at La Colonie and returning to Argentan Sai and Urou.


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