Tourism.  Évreux withdrew from the game this summer

Tourism. Évreux withdrew from the game this summer

Rémi Priez, President of Comptoir des loisirs, and Caroline Portheault, Director. ©Cyrill Roy / La Dépêche d’Évreux

The context is not obvious, but the president Leisure counterI’Evreux tourist officeRémi Priez, he is very satisfied summer report. “This year is significantly better than 2020 and 2021,” he notes. It is true that the numbers are not as good as in 2019, the “reference year” when the tourist office moved to a new location opposite the cathedral, but 2022 is marked by a recovery with positive indicators.

22,000 visitors went to the Comptoir des loisirs compared to 12,500 last year. The city center was empty during the hottest days, but it doesn’t have to be ashamed of its frequency during the rest of the summer. As far as novelties are concerned, activities in the forest, such as horse-drawn carriage rides, have proven themselves. But in general, the cathedral and bell tower remain safe bets for visitors.

Important work on the image of the city

“We have two strategic orientations,” explains Rémi Priez. To attract non-local clientele but also to reconnect with the local population. » Mission accomplished for the first point: foreign tourists were present this summer mainly from neighboring countries.

But the residents also benefit: “Since the 2014 survey in which the majority of Ebroïciens said they did not like each other, things have changed a lot,” confirms the president of the Comptoir des loisirs, listing the improvements to the city center. , neighborhood improvement, ongoing work to make cycling more important and the prospect of improving communication routes in and around the agglomeration.

“We are in the logic of tourist attractiveness, but also shops and housing,” notes the one who is also vice president of tourism at Évreux Portes de Normandie. With the aim of making Évreux a real stage city more than a city of passage.

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