Tourism.  Channel: passports restrict passage to the Channel Islands

Tourism. Channel: passports restrict passage to the Channel Islands

Le Granville makes its final crossing of the season this Sunday from Jersey. (©DP)

Ships from Channel Islands Expresswhich ensure connection between channel and channel islandsstops during autumn-winter period. The last crossing of the season will take place in the evening this year Sunday, September 25, 2022 of Jersey. It will be provided by the company Granville which enters its port on the west coast of the English Channel.

40,000 passengers for 2022

After operation April 28 to September 25Olivier Normand, Commercial Director of Manche Iles Express, draws a positive conclusion:

“After two years of interruption of sea connections, the season was satisfactory. In the new economic model defined for this recovery, we carried out 40,000 passengers. That’s a good number in the context that a passport is now mandatory to enter the Channel Islands. »

Olivier Normand

The target for the start of the season was 44,000 passengers.

Before covid and Brexit, the ships carried nearly 110,000 people a year. The sailing season was shortened mainly for the spring and summer tourist season and passport requirement was confirmed as penalizing for the activity.

“We knew this limitation. We did a small survey last year that showed 40 to 50% of customers don’t have a passport. This season’s results confirm it. Even if we knew, it’s infuriating to hear customers at the counter who want to go to Jersey but don’t have a passport or have left it at home on holiday in the English Channel. »

Olivier Normand

Meeting with the Prime Minister of Jersey

During a meeting with the Prime Minister of Jersey earlier this month, Jean Morin, the President departmenthe put that passport question back on the table and asked for an exemption for day trips only Identity card may be enough. “If we can free customers who leave in the morning and come back in the evening, that would be a big step forward. I’d be glad. But nothing is won yet.

Manche Iles Express is happy with the resumption of passenger service with the Channel Islands at this time.

“This recovery was highly anticipated. We registered the madness and I think the crossings will develop again. »

Olivier Normand

The 2022 season closes with passenger numbers that will need to be consolidated in the following years. The company, which sails on two ministry ships, is already planning where it will be in 2023 booking school groups (not subject to a passport) are multiplying: “We are overwhelmed with requests for May-June “, announces Olivier Normand.

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