Toulouse.  Viruses and zombies: the most infernal trio of the Pink City create a new show

Toulouse. Viruses and zombies: the most infernal trio of the Pink City create a new show

Pat Borg, Mélissa Billard and Fred Menuet are preparing their second season at the helm of Studio 55 in Toulouse. (©Studio 55)

Studio 55 in Montaudran east of the city, which opened at the beginning of the 2021 school year, has planned a beautiful show between classics and guests until the end of 2022.

The classics will be there

Performed by the “Toulousain” trio (Fred Menuet, Mélissa Billard and Pat Borg), it prepares for its second season, first with their trademark big hits. The beginning of the season will be marked by a show “Toulouse 2” (September 23, 2022), then until the return “Toulouse” (September 30, 2022) for vertigo who needs to catch up! In the meantime, on Saturday September 24, 2022, you can expect a rich evening with Mélissa Billard and her one and only on stage “Best Heart”, followed “General Tour”a new show by two acolytes between humor, road trip, Club Med and the 80s.

On the stage in the east of Toulouse, other shows imprinted with the touch of the trio will take place again, such as “gave it to me” and “A Little Closer to the Stars” : all on the occasion of a unique evening on November 19, 2022.

Artists invited until the end of 2022

However, Studio 55 intends to continue to develop thanks to the contribution of outside talents. It will land in October 2022 Stephan Solo with “Half-man micro” (directed by Fred Minuet), 1ahem. It is a show combining skits, stand up and vocal sound effects in beatbox mode. A comedy awaits you on October 28, “Ulysses, The Return”, with 30 interpreted characters… plus two goats and a pig! Another comedy, 15. “Romeo Hates Juliet”, written by Gilles Ramade. The day before, October 14, artists from Sinsemilia groupMike and Riké, will share 30 years of “Souvenirs de acrobats” with you on stage.

New show… zombies

A big attraction will be the new show, written and directed by Fred Menuet and TAT Production co-founder Eric Tosti, “LOL of the Dead”. It will be viruses escaped from the laboratory, zombies and “Toulouse, the capital of the world”. The game will be played on Halloween night, October 31, 2022… but not only. Other dates are as follows: 21, 22, 29 October and 4, 11 and 18 November 2022.

Artists are hard at work on the rest of the program in 2023. Stay tuned…


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