Toulouse.  Facing the threat of cyber attacks, solutions to support businesses

Toulouse. Facing the threat of cyber attacks, solutions to support businesses

Initiatives are being created locally in Occitania to help companies prevent cyber attacks. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

Ransom $10 million. It was demanded by cybercriminals who attacked the computer system at the end of August 2022 Hospital Center Corbeil-Essonnes South Ile-de-Francein the Paris region and managed to exfiltrate the health data of some patients.

As the hospital center refused to pay, administrative data was leaked to the dark web at the end of September.

Attacks on the rise

This process is a ransomware or “ransomware” process. One of the techniques used by hackers to break into, for example, the computer systems of companies or communities. In France, these “proven intrusions”, in the words of the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems, in 2021 there were 1,082. 37% more than in 2020.

A real threat that the state services take very seriously. “We can estimate that there was a a dozen proven intrusions of this kind in Occitania during this period”, believes Etienne Guyot, prefectOccitania az Upper Garonne. “But we don’t know everything: there are companies that don’t want to say they’re a victim and will file a complaint because they’re afraid of damaging their reputation. »

Cyber ​​Security Website

However, in the face of these harmful acts, it is important to act, as Anne Tricaud explainsNational Information Systems Security Agency.

“Of course we have to go against the grain. There are many tools for communities, businesses, individuals. Using simple rules and best practices, we can avoid cyber attacks. When it’s too late, we have to report it and file a complaint. Anssi can then direct victims to specialized cyber service providers security. And of course we never pay ransom.”

Anne TricaudAnssi

Useful procedures for companies, communities, associations, but also individuals, including in their workplace. In an effort to support them in the face of these threats, the web was established. It includes advice and best practices, as well as support for filing a complaint in the event of a cyber attack.

Initiatives in Occitania

Initiatives are also being put in place at the local level to support companies in the face of the threat. As an association cybernetic occported cyber security portal in the Occitanie regionwhich serves as an emergency call service for VSEs and SMEs in the territory that has fallen victim to the attacks and is partially funded by the state through the Recovery Plan.

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” We have rich economic structure in Occitania, supported by Etienne Guyot. It is necessary to protect companies’ sensitive information and their scientific and technical heritage in order to maintain their competitiveness. »

Cybersecurity is everyone’s business

Especially since computer hackers have no qualms. “Many companies think that they cannot become a victim of a cyber attack because they do not have strategic activities,” believes Anne Tricaud. It is bad. A phishing operation is aimed at everyone, it is not necessarily targeted, hackers operate ad hoc: anyone can become a victim. »

Everyone’s vigilance is therefore essential: “Cybersecurity is not just a matter for corporate IT departments, insists Anne Tricaud. This is a theme for all employees: all connected, all accountable. »

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