Top 20 tweets about the common cold, grab your tissues –

Top 20 tweets about the common cold, grab your tissues –

Colds, sore throats, headaches and feeling like you’re permanently in a bubble: that’s good the common cold which we are talking about today. With the end of the week, summer will officially end, even if the sun and the great heat have left for a while. And it’s no secret: the closer to winter, the more cases the common cold will multiply and the more everyone around you will reject you in fear that you have caught Covid19. Anyway, it is take cold which I suggest you find out 20 tweets most funny on the common cold !


I’m sorry we’re all cold since the first day of the cold.

September 19, 2022


old people like to disrespect everyone too much by believing that everything is allowed when they can die of a cold

October 13, 2019


“I’m fine, stop being so dramatic, it’s just a little cold.”

October 7, 2017


It is when you have a cold that you tell yourself that you should have + used nose breathing

November 24, 2021


My nostrils when I have a cold:

February 3, 2021


Me: I have a cold
Mom: A month ago I told you to fasten your coat, you refused

January 24, 2019


I’ve had a cold for 2 days now, so I put pshit on my nose on the box, it says 100% sea water, it’s not my friend, it says “we have the sea right next door and you’re going to buy this?” in mode I’m going to crawl everyone 10 degree day lol I hope she never has a baby

February 13, 2019


I’d rather die than close my jacket mdrr winter is temporary and loot is eternal

December 18, 2020


My daughter has a cold, so her throat hurts.
He tells me “my antibodies are not strong enough to overcome my disease” mdrrrrr but please how old is this child to express himself like that?

August 5, 2021


my roommate gave me a cold and suddenly he ripped her condoms so she could get pregnant

January 7, 2019


How to catch a sore throat cough plus a cold yeah

August 16, 2022


Those who think the coronavirus is just a common cold, see you soon.

May fate favor you.

March 1, 2020


My brother (homophobic):
“I Caught Your Disease”

Me: “Which one? My cold or my homosexuality?”

He has been talking to me for 4 hours now

September 15, 2017


everyone talks about the sore throat and cold epidemic but i think society is sick… food for thought

September 26, 2021


Angina, colds, migraines no longer exist, it has become COVID COVID and is still COVID

August 5, 2021


Everyone who wanted to start World War 3 last week is again fearing a little cold as of yesterday. It is cute.

March 13, 2022


Rihanna wants to have a belly, the baby that is born will have a cold

February 12, 2022


The change in temperature gave me a cold, really France

September 18, 2022


I think the worst zumba here are the people who say winter is better than summer lol it is for the Cullen family when there is absolutely nothing positive except the cold and the cold that hits us every morning.

January 24, 2020


luckily then the stronger sex that has to give birth, because with other species that can’t move once they have a cold we wouldn’t get very far

July 18, 2021

And since the end of summer means the return of cold cases, we’re also bringing you the top rain tweets only here!

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