This Thursday, the civic film festival starts in Lille

This Thursday, the civic film festival starts in Lille

Image taken from the film “Everything will change”, broadcast on Thursday 27 October at 2 pm at Catho in Lille. (© Flare Film)

For the first Ecoposs Biennale of the Catholic University Lille“Ecoposs would IMAGINE, festival beyond images,” he suggests film debates from October 27 to 30, 2022which honors hope and civic heroism.

On the program: 4 films, 2 masterclasses, debates. WITH special guests as director Louis-Julien Petit, ecologist Vandana Shiva, psychoanalyst Serge Tisseron…

Thursday, October 27

Here is the program for the first day:

  • at 11:30: attend an exceptional meeting with Vandana Shiva, eco-feminist, citizen of the country, hosted by Frédérique Bedos (in English, headset for French translation).
  • at 2 p.m.: screening of the film Everything Will Change. Three teenagers travel in the past, from 2054 to 2020, in a dystopian world, a time when the planet was not affected by an environmental drama.
  • 16:00: debate “Biodiversity: absolutely urgent!” with Camille Etienne, Gilles Boeuf and Eric de Kermel.
  • 20:00: screening of “Dear Future Children” at the Le Méliès cinema (Villeneuve d’Ascq). In the months leading up to the pandemic, 50 countries witnessed citizen protests against corruption, with high school students everywhere staging climate strikes. Twenty-year-old Franz Böhm traveled with camera in hand to Hong Kong, Uganda and Chile to paint a portrait of three young activists committed body and soul to the environment, democracy and corruption.

Friday, October 28

What awaits you the next day:

  • at 2 p.m.: screening of the film “Limbo”. On a small fishing island in Scotland, a group of asylum seekers await their fate. Among them is Omar, a young Syrian musician who carries an instrument bequeathed to him by his grandfather wherever he goes.
  • at 16:00: debate “Migration: humanity on the move” with David Robert from the SINGA association and Rima Hassan, president of the Observatory of Refugee Camps.
  • at 18:30: screening of the film “Limbo” at Méliès.
  • at 8:30 p.m.: screening of “Ruptures” at Méliès.
The film Limbo deals with the issue of asylum seekers in Scotland.
The film Limbo deals with the issue of asylum seekers in Scotland. (© Dark Star Press)

Saturday, October 29

Events scheduled for Saturday:

  • at 2:30 p.m.: screening of the film “Five novelties from the brain”.
  • at 16:30: debate on “Artificial intelligence, soul and conscience”, exchange of views between Serge Tisseron (psychiatrist, doctor of psychology, created a game to develop empathy and in 2013 founded the Institute for the Study of Human-Robot Relations), Father Thierry Magnin (doctor of physics, theologian, author of the book “Thinking the human in time of augmented man: Facing the challenge of transhumanism”) and Eric Fourneret (author who wrote about brain damage with implants, euthanasia, etc.)
  • at 18:30: screening of the film “Five novelties from the brain” at Méliès.
  • at 20:30: screening of the film “Tout commence” at Méliès in the presence of its director
    Frederic Choffat. In early 2019, young people took to the streets around the world to raise awareness of the climate emergency. As their voices begin to resonate, the arrival of the 2020 coronavirus will brutally dampen their momentum and silence them.
“Five Stories about the Brain” (©Bande à Part Films/Les Films Pelléas)

Sunday, October 30

Finally, the program for the final day of the festival:

  • at 11:30 a.m.: “Louis-Julien Petit: a creator fighting social injustice”, with a master class and award ceremony in the ECOPOSS short film competition. In the presence of Louis-Julien Petit, director of “La Brigade” (2022), “Les Invisibles” (2019), “Discount” (2015).
  • at 2 p.m.: screening of the film “We Students”. Nestor, Aaron, Benjamin and Rafiki are economics students at the University of Bangui in the Central African Republic, a country in ruins where young people still dream of a better future.
  • at 4 p.m.: Youth rebelling for a fairer world. Debate and closing of the festival. With Frédéric Choffat, director of “Tout commence”, Tanguy Descamps and Maxime Ollivier, co-authors of “Basculons! Dans un monde vi(v)able – a militant notebook’ published by Actes Sud in April 2022, Patrick Scauflaire, President Rector of the Catholic University of Lille, and Cécile Génot, Y7 Delegate – Member of the Open Diplomacy Institute
  • at 18:30: screening of the film “We, students! in Méliès.

A rich proposal!

Videos: currently on Actu
Most films are shown at the Teilhard de Chardin Amphitheater in the Vauban district. A documentary screening trailer called “Sideways” will be set up on campus. Two troubadour reporters, Hélène and Benoît, went in a caravan from town to village to gather testimonies. For more information it’s like this.

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