This chef settled in the Oise to create gastronomy for all

This chef settled in the Oise to create gastronomy for all

Duo of baked mussels and creamy courgettes. (©Romain Bénard – News Oise)

An exceptional opportunity for lovers of fine cuisine and a new chapter opening for the restaurant of the 4-star Best Western Escapade Hotel in Senlis (Oise). Michelin-starred chef Philippe Pentecost signed the restaurant’s new menu Escape tableinstalled inside the hotel, located a few steps from the A1 motorway and accessible to all.

“Today I focus on gastronomy without stars,” explains Philippe Pentecôte. A la carte, menus shown are included between 24 and 30 euros. Unthinkable in a one-star restaurant, where the price of the first available menu is multiplied by at least two: “customers who like to eat and have fun can come without having to pay an exorbitant amount”, he adds.

Food at reasonable prices

Neat presentation and high quality products. From a simple Comté cheeseburger to roast rooster to crayfish terrine, the chef’s gastronomic touch can be seen in every dish placed on the tables. and heart attack d’Actu Oise is duck foie gras bathed in pear jelly, but don’t repeat that, it’s a secret…

Star chef

Philippe Pentecôte, the new chef of La Table d'Escapade in Senlis (Oise).
Philippe Pentecôte, the new chef of La Table d’Escapade in Senlis (Oise). (©Romain Bénard – News Oise)

At 58, Girondin Philippe Pentecôte learned from great chefs, including Louis Grondard, of the famous Drouant restaurant in Paris. He then acquired it at the Relais de Sèvres (Paris). his first starhe was then appointed Master French Chef in 2005 and Master Roaster in March 2011.

After eight years of cooking at the gastronomic restaurant Le Petit Bordelais in Paris, it is only a few hundred meters from Chamant toll that the chef packed his bags: “I could no longer take Paris and Senlis, for me it is the countryside,” he confides.

Experience to pass on

No other high pressure services where getting a star establishes a impeccable request and one constant stress. “I’ve been working for 40 years, I want to share my passion and technique with my chefs,” admits the chef, who will retire in a few years.

A pleasure that will satisfy the customers, but also the hotel that hosts the restaurant: “our projects corresponded, I am very satisfied”, rejoices the owner Martine Casanova. “He will leave me carte blanche and I do what I enjoy because I’m lucky to have great products,” adds Philippe Pentecôte.

Videos: currently on Actu

Philippe Pentecôte cooks according to the seasons. At the beginning of October, a new menu with dishes with autumn flavors will be revealed.

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