They demand the creation of a new college near Caen

They demand the creation of a new college near Caen

The College of Mondeville Gisèle Guillemot can no longer accommodate all the high school students from Mondeville and Colombelles. Colombello town council is calling for the construction of a new college east of Caen, given the demographic projections for the sector. ©Freedom

Close to Caen (Calvados), municipal council Colombelles met on Monday, September 19, 2022. At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Marc Pottier recalled the announcement of the council of the resort on the double sectorization of the Guillemot de Mondeville dormitory, to which the young people of Colombello are attached. In other words, at the beginning of the 2023 school year, high school students will be able to go to either the Collège de Mondeville or the Collège Henri Brunet in Caen.

By what criteria? How many students? No details have been provided at this time, and a meeting was scheduled to take place in Mondeville this Wednesday, September 21, between the affected city elected officials on the subject.

It is a consequence of the undersized establishment from the construction, as we said.

Marc Pottier

Escape of 6th graders

At the same time, the mayor takes note of the 88 Colombian CM2 schoolchildren who entered the 6th grade.E at the college at the beginning of the month, only 68 of them are at the Gisèle-Guillemot college. “Why?” This is unacceptable to me! This is an element that should strongly warn us, as some families develop avoidance strategies due to an already crowded dormitory. »

“We Have Vacant Lands”

The mayor of Colombelles is thus calling for reflection on the creation of a new business on the eastern edge of Caen, which is experiencing a significant increase in population.

We still have the land available, it is legitimate to plan the direction of the new dormitory for the next years.

Marc Pottier

He is also very angry. Councilor Fabrice Pinthier, recently retired from the National Board of Education, condemns it children became the adjustment variable in the purely accounting management of the branch board.

There is a school climate problem at Guillemot College due to lack of space! The Ministry does not manage people, it manages space, and that is not acceptable!

Maud Vandewiele adds that Colombian high school students cannot benefit from homework help because of the duration of the bus service.


Opposition departmental councilor Steve Lechangeur believes that this is an arbitrary decision that is based only on the work of technocrats. “It’s another blow to the education system. “He also states the argument of the council of the ministry that was put to him as what” it would be good for the children of Colombo to mix with the college students of Henri Brunet College. It’s contempt! he adds indignantly.

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Several other elected officials have stepped in to protest the decision, which has ramifications that are detrimental to extracurricular activities, student fatigue from transit times, or access for students with disabilities to an overcrowded college.

“The city of Colombelles was loyal, it contributed to the revival of the establishment, to the purchase of furniture when it was within the competence of the ministry,” concludes the mayor, who ends with the observation that Colombelles, with 56% of student scholarships, as the only municipality with more than 7,000 inhabitants, does not have area college. A warning letter to the Minister of National Education, Papu N’Diaye, is expected.

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