These 5 Green Vegetables You Should Eat Regularly – CNEWS

These 5 Green Vegetables You Should Eat Regularly – CNEWS

Children very often grimace when they eat it. And yet, green vegetables are especially recommended for their health benefits.

Nutritionists recommend eating at least one green leafy vegetable every day. Here are five that are especially good for the body.


Rich in nutrients, including vitamin K, phosphorus and calcium, this cruciferous vegetable is essential for good bone health. So women and men with osteoporosis or victims of repeated fractures must eat it raw or cooked several times a week. The same advice for children, young mothers and seniors.


Surprising as it may seem, lettuce, specifically lamb’s lettuce, is a good source of omega-3. These fatty acids are essential for mental health. They help maintain a good nervous balance.


Spinach has many nutrients, including vitamin E (3.98 mg/100 g), which protects cells from premature aging. With its sweet taste and smooth texture, it is also one of the lowest calorie vegetables. It is cooked in a salad with young shoots or cooked as a side dish, for example with meat.

Brussels sprout

This small fiber-rich cabbage is not very popular with children. However, it concentrates a real mine of advantages. It contains vitamin C, which is particularly useful for promoting iron absorption. Brussels sprouts are otherwise rich.


Delicious in a salad topped with, for example, warm goat cheese, dandelion leaves are also very good for the entire digestive system. They would help cure minor ailments such as bloating or constipation. Finally, they stimulate the liver by activating the secretion of bile.

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