The war in Ukraine.  Allies, including France, will supply new military equipment

The war in Ukraine. Allies, including France, will supply new military equipment

Military aid to Ukraine goes through and looks like especially on the American side. But the already known list of materials delivered or in the process of being delivered could grow and diversify if Washington gives the green light to tank deliveries. An idea that’s catching on as US military and civilian officials talk more openly about it supply tanks Abrams in Kiev.

Trucks but no tanks for Germany

Berlin also continues its deliveries, albeit of tanks Leopard expected by Kyiv are still not announced. However, Ukraine will receive 28 battle tanks from Slovenia. Slovenian authorities we will sell 28 battle tanks of Soviet construction and supply modern military trucksGerman Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said this in a statement. These Slovenian tanks are type M55Sa highly modernized version of an old Soviet tank T-55.

As a substitute, Germany supplies 40 military trucks (15t), 35 tanks and five fuel tanks from industrial stocksadded the German minister.

To see a list of what has already been promised/delivered, you can visit the Oryx website which keeps accurate accounts of aid announced by Kiev’s allies, including Paris.

France promises “new things soon”

On the French side, the list of supplies ends up being quite short and still just as confidential. But it drew the ire of Moscow, which on Tuesday implied that character to France unacceptable supply of weapons to Ukraine. The Russian press release even mentions force-feeding Ukraine with Western weapons, including French.

Of course the 18 guns Caesar they are the most iconic and terrifying type of material. Armored surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles could also be listed VATlight vehicles P4trucks MR Tand 155 mm guns TRF1 ;

This inventory (a bit à la Prévert) should expand.

there will be new stuff coming soon​ we say at the Ministry of Armed Forces, where the demands of the Ukrainians are carefully studied and where we estimate what equipment France could supply.

French Leclerc in Estonia | OF

of Leclerc, as European security researcher Pierre Haroche suggests in a column in Le Monde? No, rather a new French package that could thus include VBLs or even special forces vehicles (PLFS and VLFS type)…

AMX-10 RC 1st RHP on the Champs-Élysées | AFP

And why not the hon AMX 10-RC ? We are talking about possible deliveries stryker American 8×8 also equipped with a 105 mm gun!

From the new French wheeled armour Jaguar starting to deliver 10-RC will be available. But their haphazard availability would certainly represent another problem for their future users, who would also have to be trained in France.

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