The US military is said to be classifying hundreds of UFO videos to preserve national security

The US military is said to be classifying hundreds of UFO videos to preserve national security

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Although it is sometimes difficult to tell the real from the fake, the US military has publicly admitted that at least a hundred videos of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were real and therefore classified. In particular, he takes very seriously the threat they could pose and has categorically stated that these sequences cannot be aired publicly for fear of harming national security. The rejection letter was sent to The Black Vault – more than two years after the request to share the videos – a site dedicated to US government transparency. Additionally, it wouldn’t be the first time the US military has lacked transparency in some information, which is why websites like The Black Vault exist.

Since December 2017, two videos showing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) have been circulating on the internet. A few months later, a third was published, sparking the public’s curiosity and imagination. Since the U.S. military initially considered these broadcasts to be leaks, they re-released official copies in 2020, presumably in an effort to be transparent with the public.

However, a message Pentagon report released in June 2021 revealed that this is only a small portion of the UFO videos captured by the Navy and that there have been 144 since 2004. This report was publicly discussed by the United States Department of Defense in May of this year, the year of the first public hearing on UFOs — from 60 . years of the 20th century.

These objects are classified as UFOs according to certain characteristics subsequently observed in other UAPs, in particular size, shape, peculiarity of the propulsion trajectory. For example, some appear to remain stationary even when in the turbulence zone at altitude, or move upwind at very high speeds (with no apparent means of propulsion).

In an attempt to analyze the true nature of these objects, US Army experts also take into account the possibility that they may be known objects, including air clutter (birds, balloons, drones, etc.), natural atmospheric phenomena, secret programs of the military itself, technology of other countries such as China or Russia etc. Of the 144 reported UAPs, only one was identified as a deflating balloon.

To learn more about these strange videos, The Black Vault filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request with the United States Navy Division in April 2020, a day after the three videos were previously declassified. Officially shared by the department itself. The Black Vault did not get the reason for this sudden declassification until two and a half years later.

Preservation of national security

The Black Vault request was for the release of all other UAP videos collected after the 2021 Pentagon report, which contained 144 UAP reports. The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) then responded (17 months later) that the famous videos were hosted by the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, where a new request had to be made.

After submitting the said request to the proper authority, the newspaper finally got the answers through an official letter. The one signed by Gary Cason, Deputy Director of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, to establish itthe requested videos contain sensitive information related to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and are classified and exempt from public release as a whole “.

The subject of this denial was apparently related to national security, as these videos would contain information that could pose potential threats if they fell into the wrong hands. ” Disclosure of this information will harm national security because it may provide adversaries with valuable information regarding DoD/Navy operations, vulnerabilities, and/or capabilities. Cason wrote in his letter. It was also not possible to split any sub-sequences for broadcast.

To justify the distribution of the three old videos, the ministry cited the fact that they were initially released through unofficial channels and then widely distributed, apart from being discussed in detail with the public. Official disclosure would thus be possible without jeopardizing national security.

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