The two Arcisiennes prepare for the Raid Fémina adventure

The two Arcisiennes prepare for the Raid Fémina adventure

Delphine Cots (left) and Delphine Lostec (right) train for Raid Fémina Adventure. (©Manon Varaldo)

After participating in the Saint-Gilles half-marathon in Bois-d’Arcy, Delphine Lostec and Delphine Cots, nicknamed “Del and Phine”, are ready to take on their next sporting challenge: Raid Femina adventure. This multi-event race will take place from the 15th to the 20th November in Guadeloupe.

Matched duo

This contest is reserved for women only in teams of 2. “We took part in the Montfort-l’Amaury marching race, it was our first registration together more than ten years ago. We also did the Deauville Triathlon, the sandpit cross in Viroflay or Paris-Mantes and the Course du Grand Paris. We will do Maurecourtois on September 25th. For years we have often participated in sports competitions, but this is the first time as a team, “says Delphine Cots, who offered to register for this Raid Fémina.

For this first team competitionthe duo has an advantage : they have been friends for 17 years and are both very motivated. “We have a few training sessions together, we run, but I exercise more on the weekends,” explains Delphine Lostec, administrative assistant at the town hall. “I run during the week, especially at noon, and ride my bike on the weekend,” adds Delphine Cots, an executive assistant at an architect and systems integrator company.

Two friends are training for the Raid Fémina adventure.
Two friends are training for the Raid Fémina adventure. (©Manon Varaldo)

Overcoming yourself

Both friends will seek their limits with this Raid Femina Adventure. In program : a trail, an orientation course, swimming at sea, a night test or even a ropeway. “There are several events, in several disciplines, during 5 days. It will take a few days. It is mainly a kayaking event with abseiling, which I am a little afraid of. It is self-transcendence. My partner encourages me, supports me mentally. We talk about everything, she’s a good partner,” explains Delphine Cots, who doesn’t like routine.

“There are things I’ve never done, and that’s great. And then this Raid Fémina Adventure is her dream!, says Delphine Lostec. I agreed to register with her because we share the same vision of the sport. We always try to do our best without putting pressure on ourselves. We help each other. We are complementary. In addition to the solidarity and sports aspect, this race is environmentally responsible, with non-polluting activities. Bivouacing is prohibited and waste management is very important. I have two children and ecology is part of their lives, they pay more attention to school. »

For the Laurette Fugain association

Two friends will outdo each other because participating for the association Laurette Fugain. “A friend died of leukemia, Delphine Cots testifies. I started shopping for this thing, with a purple t-shirt for the Laurette Fugain association. Paris-Dakar made me dream as a child, but it can’t be done. So I looked at other races and eliminated the gazelle assembly because it requires mechanical knowledge. This Raid Fémina adventure is achievable. »

To make this dream accessible, the two Delphinas need financial help, even though they have already paid for their plane tickets. “We released the cat. The budget to participate in this Raid is €5,500 for two. We will also need donations to equip the brace, but also for the emergency pharmacy. We call those who cannot give money to give us the things they no longer want. We hold a flea market in October to raise funds. The extra money raised will be donated to the Laurette Fugain Association. Services Entretien Propreté Techniques (SEPT), which is a cleaning company in Paris, is our sponsor, we are always looking for other sponsors to appear in our communication media,” the two athletes point out.

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Two determined Dolphins are eager to go on this Raid and discover Guadeloupe for the first time.


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