The Seine-et-Marne department and the APRR will improve tourist visibility on the highways

The Seine-et-Marne department and the APRR will improve tourist visibility on the highways

Elected representatives of the union presented highway markings ©GT/RSM77

Department of Seine-et-Marne and APR (state concessionaire for highways) signed on Wednesday, September 14 cooperation agreement whose goal is to strengthen the attractiveness of the territory and the economic dynamics for at least the next 5 years.

First, new markings will be deployed on 3 highway axes in the south of the department, A5, A6 and A77for promote cultural places disciplines. 35 panels encouraging the discovery of these places will be installed by 2023 at a cost of €560,000. Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomteleisure island Buthiers and municipalities like Thomas, province Where Blandy Forest Tourshe will be so honored.

“Tourist and cultural signage will play a very important role in developing and increasing the attractiveness of the area. It was created in the 1970s and has a dual purpose: to keep the attention of motorists through regular requests, but also and above all to let them know what they can see of the local treasures,” says Philippe Nourry, president of APRR. It is a true open air art gallery and we rely on the talent of artists recognized as illustrators link or designers comics. »

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Both sides are also committed to cooperation in various fields of activity such as development parking lot for carsthe possibility of creating lanes reserved for public transport, multimodal interchanges or the creation of new junctions at the entrance to the motorways in Plessis-Picard and Reau. In the field of sustainable development of terminal layout electric charging is planned in all service areasuntil the end of this year.

Another focus of this agreement is the employment relationship and integration of JAR public beneficiaries. “We have a large number of RSA beneficiaries today. About a third are up and running right away, and another require support or training. These two thirds may be able to work with APRR, for example, on the maintenance of areas,” explains Jean-François Parigi, president of the union.

We will support the integration of young people, people with disabilities and RSA recipients. For example, we will introduce specific clauses in all employment contracts concluded in the department to promote their integration through employment,” adds Philippe Nourry. The unique nature of this agreement must be emphasized. It is the result of a common desire to work together on the challenges of our time: the mobility of tomorrow, better accessibility of the territory, safety of users and a very special effort to develop employment and integration. »

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