The Saint-Sauveur project and its Olympic swimming pool are making waves at Lille City Hall

The Saint-Sauveur project and its Olympic swimming pool are making waves at Lille City Hall

The Olympic pool of the future Saint-Sauveur project and its diving pit were at the heart of the disagreements of the Lille city council on September 30.

This is a project that can only be ratified by the MEL, but The city of Lille ho has in any case supported by the city councilFriday, September 30, 2022. Because it’s actually in his territory, on Wasteland of Saint-Sauveur, which is located behind the train station of the same name, that there is talk of major development. Olympic swimming pool with a 45 meter deep pit, housing and a park. If the majority never hid that the device is inclined, the opposition makes itself heard when it has the chance.

“Recalibration” of the pool considered necessary

On Friday evening, at the town hall, there was a vote to discuss “taking note of the favorable opinion of the investigating commissioner”, delivered in mid-August 2022. He is appointed by the administrative court, which itself rejected the protest issued by the association a year ago. Stanislas Dendievel, an urban planner, called for the “modification of the file”, which is old from 2018. “We respect the decision of the court, which underlined the exemplary nature of the project in terms of protecting water resources and the environment. »

But the interventions of various opposition groups were not so much focused on the overall project as on one of its very specific aspects: the diving pit planned in the Olympic pool. At a depth of 45 meters, therefore, it seems problematic for the elected representatives of Make Lille to breathe. City councilor Violette Spillebout thus listed existing similar pits in the north and in Belgium, which users who use them would consider in sufficient numbers. Broadly speaking, she asked for a “recalibration of the swimming pool [pour] more sober version.

In the end, the project’s cost of €78 million, to which the city of Lille would contribute €15 million, was defined as too high.

Consultation requested, as with the Belgian people

The same challenge, in the European ecology of the Greens. In Julia Nicolasová’s voice, they quoted a file from the Regional Health Agency, which “in black and white” states the impact of the project on air quality. They asked that the same resources be deployed in the Saint-Sauveur wasteland as for the future of the Avenue du Peuple Belge – a consultation with citizens with the possibility of a vote within a few weeks.

In response, the mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, said that the investigating commissioner had initially praised the quality of the working groups tasked with drawing the outlines of the installation. It was about 500 inhabitants of Lille. Stanislas Dendievel said that the future Olympic pool “responds to a real challenge for teaching swimming. It is a virtuous project with a very, very high environmental quality. »

The next episode will be played in the Metropolitan Council.

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