The rise in fuel prices: Transports Roche de Gorron was also affected

The rise in fuel prices: Transports Roche de Gorron was also affected

Philippe Roche, manager of Transports Roche. ©G J.

Fuels, already expensive, have become significantly more expensive in recent days, with strikes at refineries. If private individuals are affected, professionals also. Among them also car carriers. What is the situation ? How do they react to this news? rising ? They have some adviceecological management give for all? Point in this professional sector, p Roche Transportation of Gorron.

How do you feel about the increase in the price of fuel, and therefore diesel, used for trucks, in recent days?

There are two notable implications. First of all, a waste of time. Our approximately 100 drivers may have difficulty obtaining supplies. They can make detours, it takes several hours to find an AS 24 station (we use here) with fuel. Plus, when they do find one, the wait for it to fill up can also be long. Second, due to strikes, but also a form of speculation (demand greater than supply), diesel has increased by 40 cents in about three weeks. This is huge, it means spending €260,000 more per month than at the beginning of 2022! The company also has to deal with an increasing fuel budget, which further reduces our margins. So it’s very difficult.

What are you going to do to restore the optimal functioning of the company and the correct margin before the shortage?

We may think we could pass our deficit on to our customers by raising rates. But that’s not how it’s done. Such negotiations can only be held once a year. It has already happened. If we did it now, our partners wouldn’t understand, especially since the increase only happened recently.

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Are you starting to use alternatives to diesel such as gas, canola oil, electricity?

We would like to, but it is also not that simple. Gas has also risen very sharply, it is even more expensive than diesel, electricity for shippers remains unofficial because the technology does not yet offer the power or autonomy needed. Remaining rapeseed oil B100. We are starting to equip some of our units. It is also more environmentally friendly. However, I would like to add that at the moment we are witnessing the accumulation of further complications. In addition to fuel, prices for tires, parts and trucks are increasing by 10 to 30%. It is not easy to make changes under such circumstances.

That’s why it’s better to have a good cash flow… to stop these hard months.

Absolutely… But cash is like everything, it has a beginning and an end. No company can rely on it indefinitely either. After a while, it is necessary to return to normal operation.

Do you give your drivers advice on green driving?

Sure. These eco-driving techniques have been known and used by our drivers for many years. We didn’t wait for the current period to start. Our employees have an ecological driving rating. The most respected of these methods even benefit from a bonus. At Transport Roche we try to be as active as possible. This is good economically, but also ecologically.

How do you see the future of Transport Roche and your professional world in the coming months?

The situation will remain tense until the end of the year, that’s for sure, and probably beyond. In conclusion, I would even say that in at least 8 months I do not see a way out of the crisis for our company, but also for our entire professional world. At the moment we have no control over anything and can only suffer.

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