The "professionals" cannabis trafficking arrested by research section in Versailles and GIGN

The "professionals" cannabis trafficking arrested by research section in Versailles and GIGN

The drug seized by gendarmes of the Versailles research section was supposed to supply the Paris area. (©78news)

The gendarmes of the research section in Versailles (Yvelines) have just finished and international drug trade.

This Sunday 2 and Monday 3 October 2022five men in their thirties were indicted at the Versailles court.

It took almost nine months for the investigation to be concluded. Long-term work, which can be explained by the great professionalism of criminals.

On departure: customs control at the Saint-Arnoult toll booth

The army took over the file on January 14, 2022 after a customs inspection at the toll road Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelineson the A10 highway.

41-year-old man from Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis – dep. 93), was arrested behind the wheel of a stolen car with fake license plates.

Inside, state agents get their hands on two guns, ammunition, a radio jammer, more fake tags, a flashing light, body armor and cash.

Weapons, ammunition... The traffickers were richly equipped.  Faced with GIGN and the research section, they were no match for her.
Weapons, ammunition… The traffickers were richly equipped. This device was discovered by customs officials last January at the Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines toll booth.

It does not take the sharp taste of a customs officer to understand that the man is largely involved in a criminal organization. It remains to be seen which one. And why.

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The Investigative Section is investigating this case in collaboration with the Central Criminal Intelligence Service of the Gendarmerie (SCRC) and the Yvelines Inter-ministerial Research Group.

Everyone agrees: there is a network of hemp resin traffickers that needs to be dismantled.

The investigators quickly find that they are facing convoys from Spain.

One was already wanted

They cautiously identify five suspects, all well known to the justice system. In addition, a search warrant has been issued for one to serve a 4-year sentence for drug trafficking.

Now it is difficult to get these individuals.

“They were very suspicious. In an attempt to escape the radar of the gendarmerie, they used numerous stolen vehicles and specific phones. This allowed them to mount and successfully complete 8 convoys. »

A source familiar with the matter.

Trapped on the A71 GIGN

and September 29, 2022at 2:30 the wind turns for them.

Somewhere, on the A 71 highway in Center-Val de Loire region, the soldiers are in reserve. They are waiting for the convoy. And they didn’t do things by halves.

and GIGN and an observation and surveillance group from Ile-de-France is on board.

400 kilos of resin in the car

Two cars are literally stopped: the opener and the carrier.

Inside the other 400 kilograms of resin are discovered, the phones are confiscated along with a jammer and a forged passport.

Next at 6 am…

At 6 o’clock in the morning somewhere in Ile-de-Franceanother team from GIGN and several units of gendarmes intervene. Three men are arrested. Drugs, money, ammunition and valuable watches are secured.

“They are very experienced traffickers who most likely supplied the Paris region. The wave breakers show it. Be careful when placing a beacon. Another example was that they understood that what used to be called go-fast was the best way to get caught. They drove more classic cars, like Renault Espace, Polo. And above all, we respect speed limits as strictly as possible. Intermingle. »

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After appearing before the investigating judge, they were all placed in pre-trial detention.

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