The new car crisis: used cars and rental businesses thrive at the Coignard garage in Épaignes

The new car crisis: used cars and rental businesses thrive at the Coignard garage in Épaignes

Jérôme, Gwenaëlle and Michaël Coignard work as a family in Épaignes (Eure). ©EG

IN Coignard garage ofEpaignes (Euros), seller Renault az Dacia (subsidiary of Renault) while the Pont-Audemer motor show was canceled due to a lack of new cars, the two brothers, Michaël and Jérôme, do not have as long delivery times for vehicles as other dealers, and in terms of prices, compared to other manufacturers, we are good”, he suggests Michael Coignard. Rising prices of raw materials and transport, the semiconductor crisis… all this, however, caused an increase in tariffs.

His daughter Gwenaëlle Coignard worked for several months in the family business as a sales consultant for new and used vehicles. “We’re a little behind on the new cars at Renault, but we’re the least bad at it.” It takes four to six months“, he says, compared to two to three months earlier. According to her, however, buyers are adapting:

Since this term has been widely communicated, people plan with it when buying a car and are prepared to wait for the model they want.

Gwenaelle Coignard

Cars ready for delivery

Manufacturers have also found tricks to keep deliveries and car sales faster. With his offer “Up & Go”, Dacia has made a bet on moving upmarket by offering Dusters with more options that are already in stock and therefore delivered faster. Renault also with its offer Fast lanesells “even more equipped” models and also more expensive ones, with delivery within thirty days, such asArkana for around €38,600No.

For other models, options have been downloaded to limit the electronic components used, at the peak of the semiconductor shortage in 2021, “for example, the electric folding mirrors were manual for a while”, reports Michaël Coignard.

Coignard Garage was unable to provide figures to compare current sales with pre-Covid sales. Renault saw a general decline, despite a small increase this summer. The Clio V is the 2nd best selling car in France from the beginning of 2022, after the Peugeot 208 II and before the Dacia Sandero III.

Long-term lease

Reasons other than price or time make households hesitate to buy a car.

Customers are hesitant because there is a lot of talk about electric cars and car prices are rising. Today, many prefer to rent. »

Michael Coignard

in LOA (lease with option to buy), a rental agreement is drawn up. Finally, it is possible to get a vehicle or rent another one.

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All new vehicles should be electric by 2035, and Renault is even aiming for 2030. “Electricity is not really practical here,” regrets Gwenaëlle Coignard. Residents care less about the emission criteria set by ZFE (Low Emission Zones), “except for those who need to go to big cities”. In any case, the dealer’s fleet is largely made up of cars with Crit’air 1 and 2 miniaturesand even on the other hand.

What about ethanol? “We don’t have much perspective on it, some customers do, but we are not responsible for it. We don’t know if the engines will last. »

Invest in the used market

Autoservis Coignard also takes care of its fleet of used cars. An alternative may be an opportunity and prices in the market have increased a lot over the last year. Vehicles are bought more expensively and sold more expensively.

Gwenaelle Coignard

Chances are for this family garage, it relies on a regular customers, some of whom change cars regularly. “Dealers enrich our offer of used cars. Vehicles with only 20,000 kilometers, still brand new, can be transferred. Dealers therefore have more than one trick up their sleeve to keep up in the face of a decline in new car sales.

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