The municipalities of Montsecret-Clairefougère and Saint-Pierre-d’Entremont inaugurated their municipal stadiums

The municipalities of Montsecret-Clairefougère and Saint-Pierre-d’Entremont inaugurated their municipal stadiums

The municipal stadiums of Saint-Pierre-d’Entremont and Montsecret-Clairefougère were successively inaugurated on Saturday 17 September. ©Fighting Orne

Saturday, September 17, 2022the municipal stadiums of Montsecret-Clairefougère and Saint-Pierre-d’Entremont (Orne)two neighboring cities located nearby Tinchebray-Bocage, were ceremonially opened in the presence of elected officials and residents. Everyone now has a quality and affordable sports structure.

From the initiative of this cooperation, the mayors of these two cities, Christian Duriez and Maxime Guilmin, had the same intention to offer this type of service resident. Jérôme Nury, department advisor, supported them by advising them to network and create this project together.

For Jérome Nury, this project was ” innovative in the form, through the joint work of two mayors on the same project”. This allowed them to mobilize and use the latest Leader (Liaison Entre Action de Développement de l’Économie Rurale) European funds.


Christian Duriez, mayor of the city Saint-Pierre-d’Entremont, opted for an open asphalt structure. It is located in the city center, near the skatepark and common gardens, is freely accessible and aims to be intergenerational. Its strategic location “enables access to schoolchildren, after-school children and children from daycare centers”. It is part of the desire to live well together.

His costs The €26,000 is distributed 30% by the State, represented by sub-prefect Christine Royer, 20% by the department with the presence of Jérôme Nury and 35% by PETR (Pôle d’quilibre Territorial et rural) Pays du Bocage, represented by its president Yves Goasdoué. A little more than 20% of the municipalities due remains, i.e. €5,000.


Two mayors for this new municipality, for Maxime Guilmin Montsecret and Julien Salliot for Clairefougère opted for a larger enclosed facility surrounded by an athletic track. In addition to this structure, a playground and a fitness center was added.

Launched in 2020, this project has very quickly met its audience of all generations: the premises have been taken over by young people, as well as members of MC Festivities, who meet there on Friday evenings for weekly fitness sessions with Florence Vaubaillon.

Maxime Guilmin, Mayor of Montsecret-Clairefougere

The total cost of €120,000 excluding VAT received financial support from a state grant of €36,000, from the PETR du Pays du bocage of €35,000 and €16,000 from Regional council. It was therefore financed by 72.6%.

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Equipment complementarity

The mayors emphasized complementarity from two created spaces. They wanted them to be unique, to suit different needs and goals. Now they want to create a physical connection to meet from one place to another through a bike path.

Jérôme Nury emphasized “the quality of this equipment, which is made to last. It will make it possible to anchor families and make them stay in the territory”. He strongly supports the project soft mobility connect municipalities that could also join the greenways of House front. He thus assures that the Ministry will follow them in this type of structuring project. And to cap off these inaugurations, the elected officials even played a basketball game in Saint-Pierre and a soccer game in Montsecret! Now it’s up to you.

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