The Municipal Police of Meaux, an example worth following according to the Regional Chamber of Accounts

The Municipal Police of Meaux, an example worth following according to the Regional Chamber of Accounts

The Regional Chamber of Auditors became interested in the municipal police in Meaux. © Marna

For 18 months, the Regional Accounting Chamber (CRC) studied the city Meaux. While some negative points were noted in his report, such as the expenses associated with the use of Mayor Jean-François Copé’s company car, other very positive points were also mentioned.

In its report on final comments, the Regional Accounting Chamber took a detailed interest in this issue the municipal police of Meaux.

As with the city’s accounting, it reviewed everything: workforcethey devicethey tasks and obtained results. And the least we can say is this message is dithyrambic for this service, the merits of which are regularly recognized by the mayor of Meaux. Moreover, there is no ministerial visit or election candidate that does not go through the Municipal Monitoring Center, this huge wall of screens which transmits live images from cameras.

“Effort without measure”

In its report, the Regional Accounting Chamber states “extraordinary expenses for the municipal police”. These considerable expenses are mainly due to the very strong presence of employees. in 2021 the city of Meaux spent 8.1 million euros in the field of security, of which 7 million were related to personnel costs only. The CRC emphasizes “immeasurable efforts” in this area.

At the time of the regional chamber’s study, the municipal police in Meaux had 180 agents, “i.e. 3.27 police officers per 1000 inhabitants “, the number is also” far higher than those reported by the “Accounting Court.

And the Court compared the fifteen municipalities with the highest number of municipal police officers: their deployment rates ranged from 0.5 police officers per 1,000 inhabitants in the case of cities such as Strasbourg and Lille to 2.58 police officers per 1,000 inhabitants in the case of Cannes.

Above average workforce

Of these 180 agents 32 are assigned to the city surveillance center, of which 26 operators. Here again, the CRC records an above-average staff, however, necessary to review images from the 259 cameras operating in the city, out of a total of 302 on site.

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But the regional accounting chamber also looked at the results that justified these considerable expenses and equipment.

Lower crime…

Once again, members of the ČKR found little to complain about. They state “perfect synergy with the representatives of the national police in the territory”. The members highlight the multi-year contract for operational prevention and security, Cops, which coordinates actions in the territory between various actors of prevention and repression, such as the prosecutor’s office, the police station, but also several associations.

“The crime rate in Meaux, which expresses the ratio between the number of crimes and misdemeanors recorded by the police services and the population, increased from 97.1‰ in 2004 to 52‰ in 2018, while in 1995 it was 100.8‰,” the report states. The goal of the PČR for the period 2014-2017 is to reduce this crime rate to 54.5‰, the CRC emphasizes that it has been met.

…but more wounds and injuries

Its members also point out that “in many areas (theft with a weapon, violent theft without a weapon, theft without violence, burglary, etc.) the number of crimes and misdemeanors is significantly lower than the regional and national average”. However,Cases of intentional assault and bodily harm they are “significantly more numerous in Meaux” than the average for Île-de-France or national territory.

Armed municipal police since 1997

In Meaux, in 1997, it was decided to arm the municipal police. The municipality states that the development of the mission of the municipal police required providing police officers with appropriate means of defense, both for their own safety and for the safety of citizens. The municipality therefore decided to first equip night brigade agents with self-loading pistols, then to extend the lethal weaponry to all city police officers. The town hall also states in this ČRK report that city police officers “did not fire any semi-automatic pistols” during the monitored period.

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