The morning after pill: free for all women

The morning after pill: free for all women

The morning after pill: free for all women
The effectiveness of the morning after pill is maximal within 24 hours. © Stock of Adobe

The morning after pill will soon be free for all women, without a prescription. Announcement by the Minister of Health, François Braun. We will tell you more.

Emergency contraception available to all

“I’m announcing the strengthening of women’s protection by making it easier for them to access emergency contraception (the morning after pill) PHARMACYso free, release and without a prescription, all age categories“. Announcement of the Minister of Health, François Braun, in the newspaper columns 20 minuteson September 20.

Paid over 18 years

The morning after pill is now free, without a prescription for those under 18. For adult women you have to pay between three and twenty euros without a prescription. There is no time make an appointment with his doctor or at the midwife when efficiency morning after pill “is maximum within 24 hours who follow the risk report”, specifies the Ministry of Health.

Free STI screening

François Braun also announced a leave of absence screening for sexually transmitted infections portable, without a prescription, up to 26 years. Detection only HIV is currently concerned, while the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases in France is exploding, especially “the chlamydia and gonococcusthe minister notes.

When will the morning after pill be free?

Free morning-after pill as part of Social Security funding bill 2023. It should see the light of day next year.

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